Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh, look. Another flying pig.

Apparently some shocking news comes from Sweden today. It appears that the European Union (EU) is wasting billions on propaganda. Since so many people are critical of the whole project and votes are only cast by a dwindling minority, I can see how the enemy class figure they need to use tax money to persuade the tax payers about this institution’s fabulousness. But is this really news? And, of course, it does not stop there. Pretty much everything about the ineffective and hopelessly socialistic creation that is EU should be scraped and thrown in the bin. Than you could pick up the bin and throw it all into a nice little fire, and after that scatter the ashes.

Also, it needs to be mentioned, how many billions, in-house, do not the political parties, the unions, lobbyists and countless government agencies and department spend each year for the same purpose? The European Union is a horrible waste of money and time, but so is your local political institution. It is not only those flashy overpaid rats roaming around Brussels or Strasbourg that you should complain about; there are lots of rats closer to home.


  1. Time for a massive extermination of rats?

  2. I agree with the fact that financing EU propaganda hardly is more controversial than that of our own local institutions. Sometimes it is the cost of legitimacy, sometimes a waste. Since I believe in the EU project however I think that the minority argument, which you propose here, is in fact another argument to spend money on information on the positive sides of the project.

    The other sides are covered by media and us. Which state or institution's power would survive without PR?

  3. Nils:

    Under ytan:
    I think you missed my point. EU should burn and never be heard from ever again and the same goes for any other useless (all of them) political institution.
    But u do have one interesting point to make, the last sentence. Ever considered that one and really thought what it means? Do that for a while and then maybe you can come back and join with me and Nils wating for the whats comes after this stupidity.

  4. Hitler Geldt NO, Dollar NO, Pounds No, Krona NO. Want me to continue?