Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The funny fatty despot

The Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez have decided to withdraw his ambassador in a futile attempt to cover up his weapon smuggle affaires. Venezuela has bought Swedish rocket launchers and then given them to the communist guerrilla FARC in Colombia. The story does not tell whether or not the warmongering Chavez got some cocaine out of the deal but most likely he just sent his mass murdering buddies some extra weaponry. Some believe this can escalate into a regular war in the region, which is not impossible but not very likely at the moment.

Chavez (that seems to get fattier for every picture taken) is a screamer and likes to throw words around which most likely means he is a pussy that never would do anything directly. Instead he will continue to sneak around supporting this or that until the Venezuelan in-house economic situation deteriorates further. Earlier this leftie psychopath had lots of money to throw around from oil revenues and massive confiscation of the countries riches, but those are running thin at the moment and with socialisation productivity goes down so sooner or later the Venezuelan economy will dip even further down than it already has and in that situation Chavez will do what most dictator does, start a war. A war is fun, it unites the people (at least temporary), it gives people something to do except starving and thinking of their unemployment, so yes, Hugo “the obese dictator” Chavez will most likely start a war, but not yet. I give it a year or two.

Socialism is fun, isn’t it?


  1. Time to put a stop to this communist pro-terrorist! The people of Venezuela and south-america are tired of foreign meddling, and these days Iran and China are making a scramble for south-america, all the while the Monroe-doctrine has been put to sleep by the obiquitous pro-Chavista B. Hussein Obama. Down with the communist dictator! Long live the free peoples of south-america!

    Viva la libertad, abajo con el comunismo!

  2. Varför skulle socialisering rendera i att produktionen sjunker om jag får fråga? Jag utgår ifrån att du menar att produktionen sjunker med socialism och om så är fallet skulle jag vilja höra vilken tes du stödjer ett sådant resonemang på i det här specifika fallet. För att motbevisa hela ditt resonemang om hur illa Chavez är kan du göra lite efterforskningar om hur det har gått för Venezuela sedan Chavez kom till makten. Om du nu gör det kommer du att finna information om att; trots en försämrad oljeproduktion så har inflation och arbetslösheten minskat medan BNP/capita har ökat fram till 2006. Att den därefter har minskat kan knappast gå att härleda till socialism utan snarare till att vi har en global lågkonjunktur.

    Jag är inte socialist men jag anser att personer som bara hasplar ur sig en massa utan att tänka efter borde inse att om man skall göra uttalanden bör man ha lite dignititet bakom sig innan man öppnar käften. Den som skriker högst och mest vinner inte längre...

    Om du dessutom skall lära dig att skriva på engelska skulle jag råda dig att kontrollera innebörden av de ord som du använder eller är osäker på för att slippa framstå som en fullständig idiot.

    Where ignorance is bliss this folly to be wise. -Thomas Gray

  3. Well, one could say that socialism doesn't have anything to do with it. People are just as starving and unemployed in the grand capitalism paradise that is the US of A and looking at history, and the bigger picture, one could also understand how Chavez came to be president and why he is acting like he is. No, he is not a psychopath with lots of money. He is the president of a country that for several years has been bullied around by a bunch of "white stupid men". Men believing everything south of Texas is America's backyard.

    And on second note, I have to give you that "with socialisation comes lower production". That is absolutely true. But it doesn't have to be a bad thing. In order for humanity to move into a period of sustainable living, i.e. into a state of ecological, social and economical harmony, production needs to be lowered. Nothing else will do, except on Star Trek.

    If you, or anyone else, found this interesting I would recommend reading "Full Spectrum Disorder: The Military in the New American Century" by Stan Goff, "Amerikas bakgård : om USA:s utrikespolitik i Karibien" by Svante Carlsson or simly by watching lots and lots of Michael Moore flicks.

  4. Chavez should be in jail for life. He is ruining his own country just like Iran and the mullas.

  5. Janne: Produktionen sjunker i socialism därför att vinsten i pengar inte är det viktigaste utan allmännyttan. Dessutom krävs det miljontals av människor som arbetar dygnet, under urusla förhållanden och ännu sämre lön, för att hålla produktionen på dagens nivå. Detta kan inte tolereras ur en socialistisk världssyn.

  6. Janne:

    Socialism leads to lower production, always. This since because of two reasons. Firstly there is no incentive for the individual to work hence it leads to lower productivity than a market economy. The second reason is that socialism inhibits inventions and development since the state rules supreme and consequently don’t allow private initiative. This is not an argument, it is a fact. Not only does every sound economic thesis state this, it can also be shown in every investigation and report ever made regarding planning economies.

    If one research Venezuela and how it has been doing since the dictator took over we have no longer any kind of democratic rights left in the country. Investments have gone way down, much more so than can be explained by any recession. While it is true that unemployment has gone down slightly, those numbers cannot be trusted from a dictatorship and, according to their own figures, the newly employed has got jobs in the public sector i.e. just a waste of money. The inflation rate, however, has not gone down. Not when it comes to real inflation (money value), inflation counted in prices has gone down, thanks to government subsidiaries and price control, not by actual fall in prices. In other words, Chavez has destroyed the basis of the economy and is not only holding Venezuela above water thanks to the looting and the oil. GDP is a useless measurement and anyone with the slightest intellect have no problem increasing GDP with hundred percent.

    And I write in English to learn that language more fluently, if you have any pointers, those are welcome.

  7. Anonymous: Oh, don't get me started on Iran. The country is far from perfect, many Iranians can vouch for that, but you really need to study the middle east in depth to understand just how hard that region has been fucked by beforementioned "stupid white men". Guillou's Arn included.

  8. Johan:

    Well, the US has been going from so so, to bad, to worse and is now approaching a catastrophe with the Obamination at the helm. With the hairless chimp before him ruining most of the economy along with US reputation the Marxist idiot Barack have an open invitation to wreck the rest.

    But yes, in a way you are correct. Chavez, and others, has a certain agenda and rhetoric that can be traced back to even colonial times. And the intervention policies from US, as well as other countries, have not made things easier. However, this does not excuse anything. A dictator and a idiot is always a dictator and an idiot no matter the circumstances.

  9. Johan;

    Of course you also have a point regarding Iran, but also in that case the past does not excuse the present. Besides, historically speaking, which country and people hasn’t been fucked once or twice throughout the ages? Are Sweden supposed to still hate Danish people for “Stockholms Blodbad”? Should Spain and UK despise and hate US for earlier wars? And Iran do not have really the same background as Venezuela, it is not a comparison I would make. And making a reference to Arn is highly stupid. Muslims have gone on “crusades” towards Europe and several other places themselves. As said, who hasn’t been fucked?

  10. Thank God Sweden is not socialist but rather believes in a free market economy nowadays! This enables us to sell top quality weapons to whoever is the highest bidder at the moment.

    In accordance with the laws of capitalism our country's only concern, of course, is to return the highest level of revenue to our investors. This being true regardless of how many innocent people are getting killed/maimed in far away places. Very convienient.

    /Gustav Wetter

  11. get fattier...haha

  12. Gustav:

    Sweden is highly socialized and has nothing, whatsoever, to do with capitalism. The fact that a small level of market economy is present does not change anything.

    And capitalism has nothing to do with countries or companies, this you would know if you knew what capitalism actually is. Capitalism has to do with the individual and freedom of choice, nothing else. Capitalism has a foundation of “No aggression policy” which means you can only protect you and your own, never be the aggressor. All this in turn means that everything you hear about capitalism or get taught in school is false.

  13. apocalypse nowish: Well, that is assuming that Obama has any real power. Just like for Bush junior and all the other before him the presicency of the USA is backed up by an awesome amount of people, most of them raving lunatics or clueless morons. All of them voters. Not unlike any other political leader in the world, Fredrik Reinfeldt included.

    So the USA are heading straight for disaster, no news there, but you can't really blame it on Obama or any single person. Just as you can't blame everything happening in Latin America on Hugo Chaves, Evo Morales or Daniel Ortega. That is just ripples on the water from past rock throwing, and a complete system failure of the neoliberalistic economics of postcolonialism.

  14. apocalypse nowish: True, most countries has been fucked over once or twice throughout history but it has never been as systematic and cruel as during the colonial times. With Iran and Venezuela being former colonies their history is highly comparable. And following postcolonial theory there are lots and lots of countries still being fucked in the world today.

  15. Well, now you mix things up. Liberalism is about "the individual and freedom of choice, nothing else." Capitalism is the economic adaptation of said -ism leading to a very individualistic view upon capital, leading to greed, exploitation of people and either "a complete system failure of the neoliberalistic economics of postcolonialism." i.e. capitalism or the destruction of humanity as we know it.

    I am no enemy of market economy, but I do believe it needs to have its foundation in justice and solidarity, not in capitalism.

  16. Correction:

    "a complete system failure of the neoliberalistic economics of postcolonialism." i.e. failed capitalism or the destruction of humanity as we know it.

  17. Nu har jag nog skrivit tillräckligt idag. Vill bara avsluta med att tacka för en härlig diskussion och lägga en avslutande kommentar om dess ursprung.

    Det hela började ju med ett par artiklar på DN.se och om man vill vara källkritisk kan man kika närmare på http://www.second-opinion.se/so/view/510. Det är sällan man får hela bilden från en artikel, särskilt en sensationsartikel som måste "sälja".

  18. As a comment to Janne;
    I would just like to add that the economical situation in Venezuela is deteriorating very rapidly. Sure, there is official propaganda statistics that tell a different story, but a foreign visitor in Venezuela does not need to look around very long to discover that things are not what they used to be and not how they should be. Basic groceries such as rice, sugar, salt etc are very often not available in any local supermarket throughout Venezuela. Official sources claim this is not true. I don't want to go on talking about crime, massive brain drain due to educated citizens leaving the country, dissapearing of dissidents, Chavez provocative and malign foreign policies etc... For every day that Hugo Chavez mumbo jumbo revolution will continue the situation in Venezuela will become worse and it will take longer time to recover after the day that Chavez is gone. Wake up Venezuelans and do what the citizens in Honduras did...Kick out your president before it is too late.

  19. John:

    Well, we seem to do see about the same general problems, although from slightly different angles and making the complete opposite conclusion. Where you, for some very strange reason, see “neoliberalalistic economics of postcolonialism” I see a SocialistFascist throughout structure that has nothing whatsoever with either libertarianism or capitalism.

    And of course you cannot blame everything on a single person, in most cases it is the highly stupid voters that keep voting for socialism that is to blame. But one also needs to recognize how much damage certain individuals actually can make. George “The Junior chimp” Bush was good at imposing socialism and starting wars, the Obamination and his Marxist buddies and all those Bankers that control most of Washington have already destroyed more of US than all other presidents combined.

  20. Johan:

    And then you are wrong. Colonialism was cruel in many aspects, pure evil in some. But it also brought some minor good things with it and it wasn’t nearly as bad as horrible things like religion or communism – even if those things also can be contributed to some colonialism. Many countries have been under colonial oppression throughout the years, United States was one of them. Countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and Canada are good examples of how former colonies can have few problems if things are handled in a different way. In other words; comparing one colony with another is not really a good thing, I would call it highly stupid. There are not only geographical, geo political and such differences, there was also a huge difference how the colonial powers handled their colonies. Also one need to bear in mind that “colonialism” isn’t a new phenomenon. So no, you cannot compare Iran with Venezuela, that is not an intellectual approach.

  21. Johan:

    Nej, det får man inte. Speciellt inte av en så extremt vänsterinfluerad tidning som DN helt i händerna på "The enemy class". Vill man veta sanningar får man nog gräva mera än att titta i en eller två svenska tidningar som endast översätter Engelska och Amerikanska texter med sina egna små vänstervinklingar.

  22. Carlos:

    I would rather suggest that the Venezuelan people not repeat the mistake the Honduras did and let the dictator live. Of course either imprisonment or a firing squad is better solutions.

  23. Johan,

    To decrease production in order to attain a "sustainable" living is ridiculous. Thanks to increased production we are rich enough in the western hempisphere to even discuss the enviroment. In thirld world countries were people struggle to put food on the table the environment is not even interesting, and rightly so. Increased production and accumulated wealth also means that people start demanding more enviromental products even though they are usually a lot more expensive.


    Decreased/ineffective production is _always_ the outcome in a socialistic dictatorship (or "democracy") since no attention is paid to supply and demand. There is no point in describing it in length here, Google and you will find a thousands of explanatory texts.

  24. Johan,

    Kapitalism är det fria utbytet av värden. Jag kan t.ex. erbjuda dig en kostnadsfri endagsutbildning, en kram eller kostnadsfri skjuts någonstans och du kan välja om du vill acceptera mina erbjudanden eller inte. Kapitalism är det fria utbytet av värden mellan människor.

    Det kan man väl alltid, säger du? Nej, i australien förbjud staten en man att erbjuda människor på stan kramar eftersom han inte tecknat en försäkring, i Iran bestämmer staten vilka kläder du får bära(ja, beträffande kvinnor i alla fall), i fascistspanien förbjud staten människor att umgås i större grupper än fyra på gatan och så vidare, och då har vi inte ännu kommit in på Kina, Nordkorea och Kuba.

    Ett kapitalistiskt system leder inte till större "egoism" än något annat system: människor som inte kan skilja på rätt eller fel försöker utnyttja alla system. Det är det vi har rättsväsendet till. Ett kapitalistisk system är rättighetsbaserat, vilket innebär att det är förbjudet att ta våldsföra sig på andra människor eller att stjäla deras egendom. I kommunistkina var det, när "blommorna blommade", helt okej att slå ihjäl intellektuella och ta deras egendom. Eftersom kapitalism bygger på respekt och frivilligt utbyte är det det mest moraliska systemet som finns. Ett socialistisk system är inte solidariskt, eftersom det inte är solidariskt att tvinga någon att hjälpa någon annan. Äkta solidaritet kommer från den frivilliga handlingen att hjälpa någon annan människa därför att du vill det. Vart i världen har vi absolut, i särklass, flest frivilliga donatörer, fonder, stipendium och andra frivilliga former av givande? You guessed it, USA.

    Jag tror att Venezuela riskerar att gräva sin egen grav - en djup sådan - men hoppas naturligtvis att så inte blir fallet. Oavsett hur det förhåller sig med den saken kan man räkna med att vänstern kommer hitta någon konspiratorisk syndabock ändå.

    Det är också, för övrigt, anmärkningsvärt hur inskränkt vänstern är när den försöker analysera händelser i omvärlden. Eftersom man ser allting genom en neokolonialistiskt analysmall klarar man inte av att upptäcka äkta förtryck när det sker, utan skyller alltid på något annat. I Afghanistan stenas människor till döds, kvinnor våldtas och flickor skickas tillbaka till hemmen. Ser vänstern en orättvisa? Nej, man ser ett orättfärdigt krig fört av västermakter mot en suverän stat. Är det korkat? Javisst. Det är rent av en spottloska i ansiktet på afghanerna. Så vidrig och gemen är stora delar, men lyckligtvis inte hela, vänstern.

  25. Många kommentarer om vad som är vad och vem som är dum eller god. Vore kul att höra en analys också, inte bara tyckanden.

  26. "Sverige ser allvarligt på att svensk vapen har hittas hos colombiansk FARC gerrillas:)" Ha ha ha ha!!!. Hur många barn dör idag i Asien av svenskt tillverkad miner och andra vapen. Herregod! Det är fösta klassig kvalificerad hykleri (i vanlig ordning). Enligt Sveriges grundlag ska inte staten sälja vapen till länder som befinner sig i krig eller som riskerar att bli i krig. Sure baby!!! USA är i ständig krig över hela världen och svenska vapen säljs till USA på löpande band. Och det är inte den enda exempel. Jag blir spy färdig när jag läser sådana "politiskt korrekta", "falska medelmåttliga moraliska utspel".

  27. Anonymous 1:
    Tycker det kommer fram en hyfsat grundanalys redan i denna diskussion, däremot beror det ju på vad det är man vill veta. Analysen gällande själva grunden för denna debatt är ju självklar däremot och den bör du inte ha kunnat missa.

    Anonymous 2:
    Ja, det är sant, det är ett himla hyckleri, det är dock också skillnad på länder och länder och personer och personer. Men i grund och botten har du givetvis rätt och detta är inte enda platsen för renodlat hyckleri, finns massor inom fiende klassen.