Friday, July 3, 2009

Man-made global warming scam

If you are going to read something about this hoax, please go to the following link and read. I have checked most of the facts in the article and they are correct. Frightening in one way but also very informative.

The Story so far


  1. The problem as I have said here also, is..... that we on the side of liberalism and rightness and liberty are not at all really "serious about" these people and such like them. We just go on gaily being liberal and libertarian and in favour of freedom, and we let them get away with their mountebanking, and their GramscoFabiaNazi proselytizing in our two Universities, and all in the name of "liberty".

    "Liberty" is over-rated when it comes down to dealing with those folks who say they want to increase it but actually want to decrease it in the name of things like "the planet" - as if they own it. The "planet" is property - individual individuals own bits of it, and so there you are.

    "The planet" and its "saving" are excuses dreamed up as we can now see, for all sorts of taxation-shenanigans designed to hit the people that GramscoFabiaNazis don't like for any reason.

  2. Apocalypse - worry less on this front. I said before, and I'll say it again : 2009 is the beginning of the end for the AGW theories, even if Obama passes crap'n'trade and the Swed government continues to make fools of themselves. Because fewer and fewer people are actually believing in global warming. The "trend" is over, so to speak. But I know, I'm an optimist ;)

  3. Well actually this is one of the most worrisome things going on because once all these stupidities are in place they will never go away even if the theory “suddenly” becomes false. The enemies of the people will make sure to use this money and these institutions for some other purpose. After all, all these “scientists” and tree-huggers need jobs to…