Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July – Time to rebel

Today is Independence Day in the US and Americans are celebrating their independence from an oppressive regime. Today I hope that those demonstrations and rallies formed can lift that American spirit and pour some fire into Americans hearts and that the drum of freedom can start beating again. USA was formed under the premises of freedom, equality and justice - sadly nothing of those words remains today. USA had the morality, the truth and the foundation of everything that is pure and right. People around the world have felt admiration, hope and love towards the US. In some cases also fear towards the power that freedom and equality has brought to her shores. During time this incredible country has been eroding slowly but surely towards everything the founding fathers despised and rebelled against. With the last 4 president the speed towards totalitarianism has increased. With the latest “republican” maniac Americas reputation was destroyed and now with the Obamination at the helm the steps towards socialism are expanding at an unprecedented speed. Today the declaration of independence is nothing but a useless piece of paper that has no bearing on everyday life. Today people around the world thirsting for freedom have no reason to look towards the US and those of us longing for a place where the individual is protected need to look elsewhere.

If it were any other country on this planet I would argue that this is it, there is no turning back. Looking at other countries people are so used to being controlled and monitored in addition to living in a barely democratic state. In all other countries “democracy” and a so so freedom have came from above, from rulers that in fear of the people or with some degree of intellect realized that something needed to be done. The US however was found by the people, for the people and against tyranny. It was not kings, emperors or an oppressive regime that founded America; it was men that believed in justice and freedom for all individuals. So the utterly fuck-you that Washington is cabling out towards the founding fathers do not need to be irreversible because there is something about the idea of America, the bas still exists, the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t yet broken and even if the declaration of independence holds no value in the hands of the enemy class it still exists in the very fabric of what once was and once again can be a great nation. Citizens of the US can still turn this around no matter the deficit and no matter the malignant cancer the fascists are spreading - but to do so demands sacrifices, hard work and the willingness to do what is right.

I’m hoping to see signs of a real rebellion today and I’m hoping that the country that once was in the dreams of every peace- and freedom loving person on the planet once again can rise from the ashes of madness, shrug off the burdens of collectivism and reclaim the position as the greatest nation ever formed by man.

The rest of the world needs you, please come back.

Happy Independence Day America and bless you all.


  1. The US nation lost it's anti-colonial legitimity when they did not support the black republic in Haiti. But the more obvious US-imperialism - i.e. outside the North American continent - dates to the Spanish-American war.
    Remember the Maine!

  2. Fred is an idiot...