Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is bad, but it could be a lot worse

The Swedish government presented their spring budget today and it was nothing surprising with it. It is a world crisis, the worst since the 30’s, unemployment is rising and the deficit will grow by $20 billion the coming years. The finance minister Anders Borg did however also presented a couple of socialist solutions to cushion the fall. First of all; some more billion to the local councils that cannot handle money and are as wasteful as ever. The government should of course cut back on state bail-out to local politicians, but that’s not the socialist way. In addition to this wastefulness the government also wants to increase education for unemployed people and increase the number of places at the unemployment office. This might sound good, getting educated and get help during unemployment, but everyone who ever gets in contact with those mad institutions knows it is just a big waste of time. And again it is the socialist way of handling things.

But the Swedish populace should be kind of happy over having a sort of responsible government that is not throwing away every little penny they have. Sure they are borrowing some and printing some money, but that’s nothing, not even close to what the brainless idiots in the opposition wants to do. Anders Borg is doing the right thing not wasting everything right now. The government should - of course - not waste anything and instead cut costs, reduce government and bring in some capitalism, but at least socialism in minor doses is less horrible than pure Marxism. This crisis will go on for a long time and to put every little ‘krona’ in the same big basket right now would be complete madness. Of course the left is complaining over this budget like the irresponsible monkeys they are. But if you believe in the Keynesian crap about government spending in bad times, at least have some thought behind it. This way at least the government still have some ability to act in the future, which will be necessary (if you believe in left policies). If the socialist opposition were in charge they would do everything now, and when the crisis worsen later, have nothing to do but to declare state-bankruptcy.

This socialist crisis is created by to big governments, to much interference in the market and the socialist complete idiocy of borrowing and printing money as often as possible, will last for a long time. We are in the beginning of it, not in the end as some morons would like you to believe. And so far the Swedish Government is getting kudos for standing up against the wastefulness that everyone else in the world is doing. But it is still not enough. The way to handle this crisis is to let the rates be handled on the market, cut expenditures and stop printing more money. The answer to save Sweden and the rest of the world from a full bloody depression is: capitalism. The crisis will hit no matter what, at least with the capitalist solution (that would work in opposite the socialist one) it would be shorter and the country would come out of this much more intact than the idiotic countries around the world. It is time to face it people. We have all been living on a pipe-dream hidden behind a smoke-screen. It is time to fess up, grind our teeth and dig in. We cannot live on borrowing and spending, we cannot live on bad productivity and the gigantean cost of big government. Either we do something about the growing socialism now and that will hurt, or we do it later and that would be suicide. Yes, you, the populace, are going to haft to pay for this socialist crisis and you will continue paying forever if you don’t realize the truth about things. The truth is you cannot keep spending what you don’t have, you have to produce first. You cannot magically make money, you have to produce first.

This budget is too much of a socialist solution to a socialist problem, but it is still waged and there is a thought behind it. Be glad that Mona Sahlin and her communist cronies aren’t in government at the moment. Be very glad.

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