Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The endgame II

What is coming next? If the printing of money do not stop, and that is regardless of the current crisis is temporarily ”diverted” or not, the next crisis will be worse than anything previous in history. Why? Because the amount of money being put into the system today is already starting to reach Weimar proportions. And worse than that, it is happening in most countries. And EVEN worse: it is not going to stop any time soon. More bail-outs and more stimulus will mean more money in the system. They are printing like crazy and it is even easier today than 90 years ago, today all they need to do is to press some keys on the computer.

If you want to take part in the fun and play this game and need some pointers: Nowish

If you want to know which wheel-barrow to buy: Nowish

If you want to look at some scary video, press play here:

Or if you want to know where this is heading, watch this picture and see that oh so funny quote below.

“I’m seeing the world move together at a speed and on a scale without precedent in modern times”.
/ US treasury secretary, Tim Geithner


  1. Vlad-Drakul,
    That you like crap like Buffy, are arrogant and ignorant and have contempt for others while totally lacking any humanity or morals means that you are a member of that always large group of people who think they have insight and are godlike just because they are less 'simple than others'.
    Anyone calling you a friend or trusting a true scum like you is just a fool and anyone attempting to engage you in an intelligent debate is bound to failure as any attempt to have insight or knowledge requires both the insight into how much there is to learn (intellectual curiosity) as well as a humble attitude towards the complexity of truth and a regard for life as a whole.
    Don't worry as a 47 year old proud American living in Swedan I know that whatever you feel about the US, wether it be it's strengths or weaknesses you'll get it wrong as so many Swedes do wether from the left or the right. Theres is only one thing you say that I agree with and that is that most people don't use their brains to their capacity or question recieved wisdom. And neither do you because 'wisdom' combines the mind (thoughts), the heart (emotions and our human needs) and experience (learning from ones own experiances.
    My only point in writing this is that you might stop and think about how immature you are and start being a human being instead of an arrogant prick. Remember there is only one life and you are what you live!

  2. Oh, I love this. Ever wondered why so many people never argue, never respond to statements and never even tries to understand? It is easy, they either do not comprehend the subject at all or they are too busy being a state crony to think outside their little box. In this case probably a bit of both which is shown by the personal attacks.

    But let’s answer some:

    Love Buffy? Yes

    Have insight? Yes

    Contempt for others? Yes

    Arrogant? Yes.

    Only one life? Yes

    A prick? Umm... maybe.

    Being 47 years old blaming someone else for being immature without addressing any issue except doing some trashing, is kind of fun to read. And I haft to admit this post is slightly better written than the usual death threats and profanities that normally pops up. But couldn’t you have at least tried to debate or answer with any kind of argument? I mean it would help your case of being “mature” and indirectly claiming to “have an intellect” if you actually wrote anything that could be considered as an argument or at least made some kind of statement regarding the topic instead of bashing my person whom you know nothing about.