Thursday, April 23, 2009

I told you so...

Again the spooky accuracy of my premonitions is about 100%. Not that you need to have magical powers or being a true Oracle in order to see reality, you just need a brain, but it is still fun to rub it in and say those four beautiful words: “I told you so”.

This time it is Volvo that's in trouble. Apparently this big company are using a lot of red ink at the moment. Well I might have been a bit premature on claiming this prophecy, even one or two “experts” have actually mentioned Volvo in negative terms before. But what you ought to know is that these kinds of reports are only a couple of spots showing signs of illness. Others are showing better numbers, but do not let that fool ya. The world is, according to the grapevine, having a tiny wee bit of the sniffles. Once in a while coughing, but mostly still going strong thanks to some painkillers in addition to lowering of bodily activities - mainly brain-functions. Meanwhile everyone keeps ignoring those melanomas, that funny syphilis and a growing shadow on those brain scans.

A picture showing the growing socialism:

I wonder how long the Swedish government can keep doing “sort of the right thing” and not throw money around like the socialists they are. I’m guessing these reports with a couple of more accompanied by communists crying and a couple of brainless journalists complaining will make them cave in soon enough.

Yes, its going to be a great x-mas this year, filled with presents like peppers-spray, guns and maybe, if you are lucky, some food.

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