Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frightening – how stupid are you people?

We can leave that bias and bribed judge and the political trial aside for a moment. What really scares me is how completely unaware people seem to be when it comes to the usual dealings within the ruling enemy class. Every trial in Sweden are a subjective hearing based on the madness that is our laws and regulations. Innocent people get convicted all the time and people who are guilty will sometimes be free to go. And most of the “crimes” being committed aren’t even real crimes since there is no victim involved, but that doesn’t stop the government. There are a lot of factors making the Swedish justice system into a puddle of manure. Among other things you have politicians making trial rulings, which is unbelievably comical. You also have overpaid attorneys and prosecutors that most of the time hardly even read thru their cases properly. But the justice system actually “works” most of the time, in opposite to everything else the power elite does. I could go on for a long time about each and every one of these statements of fact or the ridiculous “justice”-system, but let’s just shed some light on the black pit of despair that is government.

You can never, thru the established political parties, get a seat at the EU-parliament or the Swedish parliament without lying, cheating, back-stabbing some friends, sell your soul, give up every ounce of self-respect and leave all form of ideology behind you. Of course those sitting in those positions will never admit it and so will never anyone dependent on these sell-outs, but that doesn’t change facts. And this goes for every political party, everyone. Some newly started Piracy youngsters might think they are above it all, but it will not take a long time before beds are made, positions are drawn and the reality of politics becomes evident. Just wait and see when the money comes in and the seats (power, status) become more available.

Every department, run by unfair and subjective politicians, needs to waste all their money; otherwise they get less the coming year. This is something they don’t even try to hide; still most people get the look of a fellating prostitute - without the joyful eyes - when you mention this fact. In other words, every department, every committee and every political thingy needs to convince other political thingies they are necessary and the main way of doing this is to waste money. The more they waste, the more necessary they are plus, consequently, the more money they can get next year. Different countries have slightly diverse systems, but most works like this or very similar to it. Ever wondered why it is always room for another political body investigating whatever but never money to the elderly? This is why.

Those in power loves being in power and have other friends that loves the same. It doesn’t really matter if they are journalists, politicians, businessmen or leaders within the union, they all are and always will be in cahoots. But this is very seldom a real plan with some mystical organisation pulling the strings, no, this is just the normal way of things at the top. And it has nothing to do with socialism or the market economy, no matter what the ideology is among these people, the result will be about the same. This is why many journalists don’t really like bloggers and this is why all politicians (even the “right-wing” ones) hate capitalism, because bloggers and capitalism means competition. The only “struggle” the enemy class wants is from others just like them. Exchanging smaller bits of power between them is okay. And this is why politicians (and most others in power) really hates and detest the Internet. No matter what the government or any political party claims, they all hate it. Because information is suddenly free and a scandal can travel all around the world in the time it takes to wipe their fat asses with some stolen hundreds. So if “they” aren’t watching, monitoring and keeping tabs with laws and whatnot, people might start thinking for themselves or maybe even – God (politicians) Forbid! – citizens start making their own decisions! The enemy class absolute worst nightmare is; thinking people.

Finally, don’t believe anything those elitists tell you about this current crisis and the coming depression. If you want to learn the truth, find it for yourself. It is very easy, basically everything politicians say and everything central banks are doing, is the complete opposite of what is true and right. And just so you know, we are already screwed beyond all comprehension so buy a lot of Vodka, always a good thing when the world comes crumbling down.


  1. Hahahaha, excellent blog. Pretty much sums it up hehe.

  2. Pengar till "de äldre" kommer dock finnas i mängd när en viss generation snart pensioneras, misstänker jag...