Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hilarious Newsday 3

Sales of new vehicles in the United States fell dramatically in March.GM down 45 percent, Toyota down 39 percent, Ford down 41 percent, Honda down 25 percent and BMW down 20 percent. March was the 17th consecutive month in which industry sales declined. Signs in December and January that the market might have been nearing the bottom were followed by larger drops in February and March. :)

This one has a special place in my heart. If you figure out why, I buy you a beer.
Financial companies led US stocks towards their second consecutive session of gains on Wednesday as good economic data countered early fears about the state of the economy. Equities dropped steeply on Wednesday morning as figures showed that 742,000 jobs had been lost from the private sector during March, about 100,000 more than had been expected.

The number of people filing for bankruptcy in South Florida reached its highest level in years.

Indian exports have fallen for four straight months; industrial production for three. China has fared even worse, and Japan has fared worst of all, with exports falling by as much as 49% for two straight months.

Zimbabwe – the leading star for Obama and his band of misfits - appeals for help for its prisoners after a documentary reveals horrific jail conditions. Help for its prisoners? This is were we are all going people.

Some 250,000 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been displaced following an operation to flush out Hutu rebels,

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