Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hilarious Newsday 2

Well, I cannot pass the comical events taking place in my birth nation. First of all the finance minister, Anders Borg (no relation to any Star Trek character) reported today that he thinks this crisis will lead to mass unemployment and even deeper crisis than today the next coming years. Smart boy, maybe he is reading my blog? He and the Swedish government have also decided not to follow in the footsteps of the Obaminator and Gordon Brown:ie, which is also good thinking. But there it kind of stops. They do it half right and don’t really seem to be taking action as they should, but still, not too shabby. So despite the fascist laws about internet Ipred, ACTA etc, and the fact that they are not really taking 100% action as they should do, the Swedish government is still one of the very few beacons in a really mad world.

But where there is a blind starving person with several disabilities there is always someone who can steal his wheelchair. So off them all go demanding stuff. “The finance minister needs to open his wallet” one headline reads. Another one claims the time for spending is now. The union is protesting, the social democrats is presenting their own little spending spree and saying the government is at fault for everything and apparently some glass pieces have been found among chickens breasts all over Sweden. And in a never ending parade of stupidity journalists and deep “thinkers” and economical “experts” is commenting on this, saying that the government is doing this wrong, because the Obaminator is never wrong. Bloggers is going crazy demanding “stuff”. Unions are even going to stop working to demand for better somethingnothingstuff.

Ah, the madness. It’s like reading a comic book for five year olds. But it is hilarious! I’m just hoping that the government cave in eventually and start throwing away the last of the money and landing Sweden worst of then most other countries because of the trade dependency. Please Borg, do as the plunderers want, spend it, and spend it all! Mona would…


  1. You are a sad person you know...

    Stupidity is a bliss!

  2. Thanks! And I could not have said it better myself. Stupidity is a bliss which is why I am sad, or was rather. Since I realized that people like you are to indoctrinated to save, I gave up and now I just see the funny things, like this post by you. Fun fun fun