Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another scary plague

Some people have died and several have been infected with some swine flu that apparently may have killed as many as 70 people. The Mexican government has rushed to close schools, museums and football matches in an attempt to contain the disease so far infected a staggering huge gargantuan number of about 1000 people. This “outbreak” has also wandered into the US bringing the number of cases to eight. All have recovered fully. The World Health Organization in Geneva said the strain in Mexico was identical to the one that has been detected in California and Texas. The same organization is calling for an emergency meeting.

In another related story from a Swedish newspaper we are being told that malaria infects millions of people and kills by the tens of thousands each year. Nah? Really?

How many of these “outbreaks” do have each year? If it isn’t the bird-flue or mad-cow disease it is AIDS or some other virus string killing off people. Of course journalist has no interest in these stories except making people buy their inapt and over the top papers. To scare people have always been a good way of selling things. Everything from gas-masks to new taxes is sold with the notion of fear. An ice sheet is falling down? Argh! We need environmental taxes. A couple of people died from food poisoning? Terrible, we need another government program to monitor that situation. People die from deceases? Oh my, that never happened before; we need regulations and better border patrols.

And please remember to always buy homegrown Swedish/Danish/English* (*+every country in the world) food to stop the plague from spreading.

Maybe you think you’ll never die if you just listen to "good advice"? But my spider-sense tells me you are all morons.

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