Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another politically correct day

A lot of people are getting upset over some skinny model again. Why do you people even bother? Is it because you are all overweight and cannot stand someone not gobbling on fat-dripping hamburgers? Are you trying to get thinner but are too busy nibbling on some pizza reading newspapers and getting upset over someone actually managing this task? Have some of you idiots ever considered that some of these models actually wants’ to be skeletal? Let the woman be and take a look in the mirror and do something about your own flabby waist.

In another story some 14 year olds (apparently most of them were 16+, but that’s no fun writing as news) have been parading around in t-shirts and underwear at some party serving drinks. So? Are you telling me that all girls around that age are all innocent and cuddly with their stuffed toys? And so what if they got to strut around, they got clothes as payment.

And apparently some Swedish people run brothels in the Philippines and got caught. Sex is legal, but for some reason selling sex isn’t. Why? Prostitution should be legal and what two (or more) consenting people do between them is nobody’s business.

In other words, let people be skinny, fat, ugly, young, old, prostitutes or whatever, that’s their business, not yours and certainly not the governments. Have some common decency and be a humanist for once. Let people be free and if you ever want to bother someone, be a nuisance to yourself.

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