Friday, April 24, 2009

Liberate courthouses

As some bloggers correctly have pointed out, including me in a non PC-way is that Swedish courthouses are not only being told what to do from politicians, they are also controlled by politicians and most funny of all; politicians make rulings in trials. I myself have never understood this complete madness and if ever ending up in a trial in my home-country, no matter what the circumstances, I would argue and protest against my judges. Politicians with no law degree and an interest in how rulings should be made, have no right being my executioners.

I have been asked a couple of times if I wanted to sit as “judge” - probably been asked in order to “get rid” of me in other political bodies. I turned them down each time since I knew my efforts were more needed elsewhere but also because I knew I would never be able to rule according to the law. If someone comes in accused for tax aversion or making their own hooch I would argue for and rule for acquitting. Those “crimes” without any victims that should be regarded as heroism or perfectly legal is not something I could ever regard as “illegal” even if I’m representing the law. And if some apparently guilty rapist would sit in front of me I would argue for 50 years imprisonment and torture, also with no regard to what the law says. Even if some of the other politicians being appointed by their respective parties wouldn’t be as “incorrect” as I would, they too are victims under their own agenda. How can an environmentalist rule fairly in a case regarding dumping of hazards’ material in nature? How can a socialist rule fairly when it comes to taxes? How can a conservative rule fairly in any case where the law has been broken? The answer is they cannot.

To be fair this is not only the politician “judges” fault that this situation arises, it is mainly the law itself that is wrong in oh so many ways. I would argue that over 90% of our laws, in any country, are unnecessary and completely idiotic. With more objective laws based on actual crimes being committed politician judges might be able to cope with making the rulings. Judges and their impartiality should be questioned, but isn’t the real problem the political influence?

Swedish courthouses are a bias and totally unfair system and this should be changed. Not that I think that any of you reading this will ever take the necessary steps to make this happen, but maybe you might when our entire society is crumbling , unemployment is sky-high and there is no hope of recovery. Because that’s where we are heading right now. This economic crisis is just in its infancy and when the real mayhem starts you people are forced to make a decision. Are you going to follow some well-spoken socialist and take us further down the abyss or are you going to make the right choice and finally impose a humanitarian and rightful way of living?

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