Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I read about some “big” news today from Sweden. Apparently some politicians tried to rent out his house for large amount. First I didn’t get it, what was the news. Was it a rat infested dump with no windows and did he try to sell it to some blind people? No, not at all. I actually scratched my head for a couple of seconds before I realized that you cannot be rational or think logically when it comes to the human race. What he has done was to try to get as much money as possible out of the deal. No force involved, only an ad which you could say yes or no to or just ignore like most people would have. But you see this guy also happen to be a politician. Don’t get me wrong, every time a politicians is getting stringed up or thrown to the wolfs is like a birthday to me, but this guy didn’t use the enforcement of the police, he didn’t impose a law to force us to rent his house and he didn’t even use his political connections to market the place, so the only thing he did was an idiotic attempt to rent his place to some sucker. No one did take the bait, but now this politician in question is getting keelhauled and rinsed. Why?

For once you have in one case an honest politician that not only gives you a choice but also don’t use the destructive force of the state to force us, and he is getting punished for it? Have you no common sense at all you bloody idiotic phlegm sucking bastards!? They are sending the police to take your things and money and maybe even kill you, but that’s no problem. They are stealing over half of your salary and you don’t mind. They decide everything in your life from birth until death but that’s just passes you by. But some poor longhaired idiotic politician’s tries to rent you something in the open and without any strings and you get mad? Who are you idiots and what the hell are you doing on my planet?


  1. Men idiot.. Nyheten handlade inte om att han ville hyra ut sin lägenhet. Den handlade om att han var socialdemokrat = mot kapitalism (i viss grad)

  2. Yeah, and when birds crap in the backyard it creates Jewelry …

  3. "For once you have an honest politician..."

    Your entry would have made sense if the rest of the members of the riksdag were suspected of forcing people to rent houses at indefensible rates. They're not, so what we have is evidence of one incredibly greedy politician. If you think greed is a virtue, you should vote for him. Most people seem to not think it's a desirable characteristic in someone elected to look out for the interests of the citizens. Oh, and the rent he was trying to get for the apartment was actually criminal. I think we have different value systems though, all of this may make him a hero in your eyes.

  4. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough; I think this idiot is an ugly stupid leftie that should be without any kind of house or home. But what I am saying is that this guy actually did something morally okay, not great or something to salute, but okay. He didn’t use force or law to make us or anyone do anything. He put something on the market that we could choice or not. It’s hard to see any fault in that. Greedy? Maybe. Stupid? Sure. But still he was only giving us an option, how many political decisions or politicians ever gives us that?

    Whether or not the rent for this place was “criminal” to advertise for is highly debatable. If the law says something doesn’t mean its “criminal” per automatic. And who exactly have told us that a certain level of rent is “illegal” and consequently forcing us to rent to a certain price? And who would use force (even deadly when it comes to it) to withhold this “law” of certain price? Tell me now, who is the most unethical politician?

    And then you sell your own shoes before you even stolen them like a good little idiot. Politicians Do force us to overpay for apartments, houses and real estates. This they do through inflation, fictive rates, environmental rules, collective housing, Taxation and hundreds upon hundreds of laws that tells us how, were and when to live and build. If it wasn’t for politicians, and their idiotic voters, houseprizes and apartments would be a fraction of today’s prices. And this again they do by force, with a gun to your head. So again I ask you, who is the most moral politician in this story?

  5. "If the law says something doesn’t mean its “criminal” per automatic."

    Eh, yes it does. You're confusing "criminal" and "immoral." The latter is up to your subjective judgment, the former is a matter of the actual laws of the land. This is just a matter of what the word "criminal" means.

    "Politicians Do force us to overpay for apartments, houses and real estates."

    Except when they don't, as when rent is regulated in central Stockholm, making apartments affordable to not only the very wealthy.

    I have registered your hatred of politicians, think it is gravely misplaced and indicative of prejudice and a lack of understanding--but I don't dream of convincing you of anything. Just want to point out the most blatant problems with your reasoning.

  6. No, the point is actually that he did something that is not, according to his political beliefs, morally right. He, and his party, advocates non-market adjusted rent levels. By trying to rent his house and apartment at "market price" (or rather far above) he is acting with one moral set for his "private" life and another moral set for his political life. That is called hypocratism and is not really what you are looking for in a politician.

    Or do you not get this at all?

  7. Pretty much every word you can think of can be twisted, debated or questioned. But words are not reality, reality doesn’t change. A chair will remain being a chair even if you call it a table. 15 pounds are 15 pounds even if you eat or burn the bill. A criminal act is by one definition what happens when you don’t follow the law that politicians have created. Another definition, often associated with the first (even if that’s hardly ever is the case) is what the common people or the majority thinks is “illegal” also becomes illegal. There are also such things as history, culture and so on. But whatever you think, in the end the morality and legality of an issue or action lays with the individual and his/hers perception of right and wrong. Even if you don’t agree with this notion, my writings were in comparison with one thing to another and should be read and perceived as such. In this case you have one person who put something on the market of his own free will and anyone was free to act or ignore this proposal without any consequents. This I compare with all other things politicians do. Take any law you can think of and that law is there to force you to do or not do something and if you don’t comply you will get punished, might even get killed. If you put these two things against each others, what is morally correct? (or rather must correct)

    And then you show your true stupidity when you think that a politician can “give you” something. A regulated housing or apartment isn’t cheaper, it’s more expensive. You might think it as less costly when you see the direct bill for it, but that’s not even half the truth.

    And you get me wrong, I don’t hate politicians or anyone for that matter, I just know that you and they are stupid people. That’s a fact, not a judgment. If you think something gets to be cheaper through regulations, taxation or being controlled by politicians, then you are stupid. It’s just that simple.

  8. And I don’t care what he or his stupid party thinks in one or the other issue. All I’m interested of is to shed some light on the fact that for some reason its okay for politicians to kill people, but an individual politician that does something that no one gets hurt from and everyone is free to ignore, its gets people attention and the idiots of this world get upset. Why?

  9. "If you think something gets to be cheaper through regulations, taxation or being controlled by politicians, then you are stupid."

    If you don't understand that rents in Stockholm proper would be much higher if left to the market, then you simply have no idea what is going on. But it is a well-known phenomenon that arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand...

  10. I will try to simplify this for you and make it as easy to understand as possible.

    You have a bottle of beer and so does the person at the table next to you. Your beer is slightly more costly partly for you are sitting closer to the bar and partly it has a nicer name attached to it. Now, someone comes by and say; “Hey, that’s not fair. No one should be paying more for beer just because of its name or location”. And this new guy imposes a bunch of regulation to this bar. It can only be open certain hours and so on. And the beer needs to fulfill certain requirements and standards. It can no longer just be beer or something to get drunk from, no, now it must be made by union people and it cannot be made anywhere, the making of beer need to be taken place at a certain place, during certain times by certain people. All of this costs money of course, not only direct through the regulations or the lack of competition – who will build a beer factory when then cannot build it were they want, make the beer with the people they want working there and sell it to the price they themselves want? No, the increasing cost also comes from more politicians that need to control and adjust these new regulations. It also comes from administrators that monitor the whole thing.

    And then of course you have the main thingy, the only thing you really notice. The beer you hold in your hand gets a little bit cheaper. You have money, you are rich, but hey, cheaper beer, you got to love that. And he who sits next to you at the other table, he’s got a little more expensive beer, not much but just enough to make him check his valet if he can afford another one. The total price for your two beers has gone slightly down, even if the other beer now is a bit more expensive. So it seems like a “good” idea and now this poorer man also can buy that better beer with a better name, he can still hardly buy one beer, but he can now drink in style, if there was anyone left there is. Because of the regulations less beer is being served, it’s too expensive. So you two are still drinking the same beer, but you, the richer guy are now drinking cheaper beer. But when you both get home there is a bill in the mail from the government. They need to increase your taxes by 2% to pay for the beer regulations and 1% more in taxes to help those beer factories that is making less beer because of the regulations, with some more government money they might do more beer.

    I cannot make it much easier than this, hopefully you and others understand this, I don’t expect you to, you’re an idiot, but maybe some light bulb will be lit. Building housings and renting out apartments is much more complicated than this but I’m hoping you get the idea. Until then you can at least drink beer from that government store…