Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I truly love Anna Odell

This woman is kind of cute and have a certain “do me” feeling to her, but what I really love about this humus pile of a woman is that she, of all people, have got the Swedish average Joe to think about taxes and why he/she is paying them. It’s incredible! Here politicians do their best to literary toss away hundreds of billions each year and no one even care, but then comes a little art student pretending to be crazy and everyone goes nuts (isn’t that irony for ya?). If I have known about this I would have travel all over Sweden committing myself to every hospital I could find, wasting millions upon millions and claiming it to be art. Maybe it takes art people to get things going and wake people up? Once upon a time there was an Austrian painter who did show us some socialist arts and now we have Anna.

So you go girl, I’m truly hoping you continue this quest of yours and maybe next time you can burn a Jew and stuff him in the ashtray? That would be great art worthy of your good Austrian painter ancestor. I love you!


  1. Jisses!
    Du är verkligen "out there"...

  2. Hello Your writing started off ok, then it got way weird, isnt that Anna Odell did, in a nutshell. I see this as an unknown woman that walked over Liljeholms bridge, shoeless, and sweaterless, who so many people passed by, unknown, like the title of the documentary and now everyone knows here, but most suicides are actually like that, no one cares, till after you are dead, they just walk by, and I agree now an art student has Swedish morality on red alert about their tax money...of course is the provocative nature of art you dummies!