Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why won’t someone please think of the children!?

One of the biggest stories from Sweden today is that a new rule meant to cut down on the amount of ”cheaters” within the welfare system is costing more money that it actually saves. Bloggers and journalists love this story as a way of trashing the ‘right-wing’ government (slightly left of the center in politics) and as a way to celebrate the system. The best way of tackling this issue is of course to get rid of the system, or at least this part of it, but that’s now how the chimpanzee’s of this world “think”. And it is a nothing cost, just a couple of millions extra, that’s nothing compared to what the government is really up to, but since none of the well-lubricated colons of my birth nation understand this let’s look at this modest issue.

Apparently it “works” a little bit like this: A parent/s is a bit tired of going to work so she/he/them decides to stay home to “look after their sick child” and in accordance to system, they get a hefty check from the government in compensation when they do this. How anyone can be surprised at some people use the existing system this way is a big riddle in itself. But in steps the ‘right-wing’ government and pointing their fingers and solemnly declares to parents: “Naha! You need a permission slip from the daycare center or the school to get your own money you have paid in taxes back from us so you can skip work and stay home with your child”. And the consequent of this - of course - is massive regular mail being sent back and forth between governmental officials (hired or re-diploid for handling this) and parents wanting a piece of the pie (which they themselves are paying for). So why is anyone surprised of this extra cost? Also a mystery.

And then we have the obligatory answer from the ‘right-wing’ government: They need to evaluate and do more studies before they know what this adjustment to the system actually lead to. So more tax money is going to be spent on investigating something that anyone with a brain already knows the answer to.

So why can’t the parents keep their money from the start and thereby not pay for those officials, the salary of useless politicians, all the documents sent and instead make their own choice depending in their income? Well, there might be someone that wouldn’t have the money to help their children, and we most always consider the children, the children are our future and are helpless without support, the children needs their parents and the government need the children to grow up and pay taxes like good little morons. So once again people are showing those of us with functional grey matter how stupid they really are.

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