Saturday, March 21, 2009

The sinners are starting to wake up – too late

In several articles in Swedish, Indian and British newspapers today speaks of the similarities with the crisis in the 20’s and 30’s and points out that the worlds GDP is dropping and that this is just getting started. Kind of a good thing that some idiots out there finally get’s it. But it is too late. I have been writing and saying that for years now and even if I’m an obscurity in this context, I’m not the only one. Several well known economists and organizations have been trying to shout this out to the world for many years, no one listened, in fact many countries and know-it-all-people have not just been ignoring the apparent truth, they have been doing the complete opposite of what they should be doing and are still doing the same damn wrongs now! When you keep spending money you do not have and every time some problems pops up the only thing you do is borrow and print more money so you can keep the charade up, what do you think is going to happen? And this is still what governments are doing now! So even if some are starting to smell the apocalypse, they are still not getting it. Governments intervening, spending money, printing money and borrowing money isn’t the answer, that’s the idiocy that got us into this mess, why do you think that’s going to take us out of it?

And just like back in the 20’s many journalists and the combining forces of the left are crying about the market and how capitalists are at fault. People are screaming at high payouts for executives and going to demonstrations that are meant to make governments increase the stupidities even further. Protectionist thinking is getting more and more common at the same time as more and more countries are feeling the beginning of this recession. Just like back then. And yes, we are only starting to see the funnies rolling around, this is only the second act, we still have the third, fourth and final act to go through. Why do you think I keep telling you to stockpile those candles and dried up food packages? If you haven’t before, do that now. You are going to need it.

There are basically two main differences between today’s crisis and the great depression. Firstly back then we had, in many ways, a sounder economic foundation than most of the world does today. Secondly, the drop is much higher, we are richer today. So when that third act hits us the mayhem and despair will be greater then back then. And the response of the idiotic people back then was to turn to fun people like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mussolini – men that blamed the rich, the market and the Jews. And the left way of thinking that dominates the world is doing the exact thing now. So all that is missing is those hysterical solutions from funny tiny men that appeals to none functional brains of citizens and then we are off from the starting block for real.

Even if, through some miracle, the world slowly seem to be gaining momentum again and IF all those stupidities that “the greatest minds” are coming up with to fight the recession leads to some breathers and halting of the crisis, nothing will have changed. All they are doing is postponing what most and will happen. Money can’t be printed to imitate value, not even countries can keep borrowing money to spend over and over, governments can’t keep intervening and controlling the market forever, sooner or later the bubble is going to burst, and I can’t wait. This is going to be so much fun. You have deserved it, you have voted for it and you are still crying for the same stupidities today. Please remember to salute those death camps and wars that’s coming, you created them. You think I’m joking or are a nutcase, don’t you? Yeah, and that’s makes it even funnier. Good luck. Idiots.


  1. The latest ten years have been unique in the respect that ALL western countries has reduced (or totally eliminated) their national debts. Just wondering where the mumbo-jumbo about borrowing over and over again is coming from.
    I dont think youre a nutcase you just dont got your facts straight.

    Oh and I just fucking hate all of you snotnosed shithead libertarians that never seem to realize that all you ever do is leech of the very same societarian system that you despise so deeply.

    Bye now :)

  2. Interesting. Can you point out one country in this regard? Or let’s make it two. The only country I can think of is actually my own birth nation of Sweden, depending on what year you look at, but there we also had a very high altitude to start from and that’s only at the highest government level. Seen over the entire country with municipals and cities, the debt has actually increased.

    And then I don’t think you really know what I’m writing, or maybe I wasn’t clear enough. Governments have been paying off debts with printed money, not higher values. And that money together with fictive interest rates have made people buying and borrowing to spend, which in turn make savings lower but temporary seem to make us richer. So the even IF you can show me a couple of countries that actually have lowered their national debts, those figures are lying. You can prove anything with statistic, but the reality does not lie.

  3. And you too can prove anything with statistics, but the reality does not lie. You still are a snotnosed shithead libertarian that leech of the very same societarian system you despise so deeply.