Saturday, March 21, 2009

USA to appoint a new (T)czar?

After some computers have been under attack, U.S. senators decided to recommend creating the post of a cyber-security czar (Don’t you to think this is a misspelling of the word “Tsar”?).

More expressly, the lawmakers are after a legislation that, among other things, would:

• Establish a permanent national cyber-security czar who would report directly to the president.

• Require vulnerability assessments by intelligence and Homeland Security officials, reviewing the threat to not only government computers but critical private networks, as well.

• Create a public-private clearinghouse for cyber-threat and vulnerability information-sharing. The clearinghouse would be responsible for the management and sharing of data between the federal government and private-sector critical infrastructure operators.

• Provide funding for scholarships to get more people into the field of cyber-security.

Together with things like ACTA and the ongoing trials and prosecutions of so called “Cyber pirates” this is starting to look kind of promising. Add to this also what I wrote about Obama’s scheme to form his own private little jugend club and we can start connecting the dots. But I still hold that smurf Putin as number one on my: The-one-who-will-end-it-all list. Those petite little things are always the most fun ones.

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