Monday, March 9, 2009

We steal from you – but please make more babies

Christian Democrats in Sweden wants to give 10 000kr for every newborn baby. Apparently Swedish people aren’t making enough babies so these Christian’s want to encourage the act of sex. Isn’t this a nice little plot in oh so many ways? These morons claim to have millions (even billions) to spend on this little project. I wonder were that money comes from? Maybe they can claim its divine intervention and some statue bled this money? Or maybe angels came fluttering down to earth to give these nice people the means to increase fucking in their country?

When you read suggestions like this you know that there are idiots out there that believe in this lunacy and thinks this is a good idea. This is terrifying in its own right. But worse of all is that these kinds of wastefulness goes on all the time, with exactly the same arguments, but on different topics. And people buy them with egg and mayonnaise, never questioning that themselves are paying for it - if it’s not some “art student” that is. The Christian Democrats have stolen this money from the people and now they want to throw this sex-money back at the same citizens. When are people going to wake up from their slumber? After this suggestion? No, probably not. I wonder if idiocy can be passed down from the parents. If that’s the case, this sex-money suggestion is even worse.

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  1. Well done for once again having me choke on my Riesling with a good old laugh out loud splutter. "Some statue bled this money". I think I'm falling in love with you. :o)