Monday, March 9, 2009

Another animal we should annihilate

According to news rapport a family got attacked by a Kangaroo yesterday. I thought this was kind of funny, even if no one got seriously hurt. But then I started thinking and on a whim I started to roam the Internet and lord and behold, there are lots of attacks by these loathsome creatures! And here is another little curiosity; they seem to only attack during weekends. I found 7 different attacks during the last year and every one of them on Fridays and Saturdays. One newsstation (ABC TV) went so far to call the Kangaroos who attacked one jogger for: “a mob”. A mob of kangaroos!?

And you know that there are a high probability that some attacks are not reported, some because of fear for reprisals and some because the victim didn’t survive and got dragged of somewhere to be fed on later. And when I checked some statistic I found that an estimated 35 000 people goes missing in Australia each year. I think I have stubble upon something that the Australian government doesn’t want people to know. If thousands of people each year goes missing and Kangaroos are responsible, that would be really bad for tourism. And the Kangaroos are certainly very happy with this arrangement, nibbling away on unsuspected hikers, babies or whatever they lay their dirty mittens on.

It seems like Australia has a wildlife that’s out of control. Koalas are running amok - and getting agents to represent them towards us humans - and to the more obvious ones, like crocodiles, spiders and snakes, we can now ad Kangaroos. What is going on in this former penal colony?

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