Monday, March 9, 2009

Bimbo, no. Slightly idiotic yes.

The famous Swedish blogging queen under the pseudonym “Blondinbella” is complaining over some pathetic readers that called her a “bimbo”. There is some other less flattering words floating around out there to, but this girl hangs in there, which might have some idiotism over it, but not really. I actually had a hard time coming to the conclusion that this woman is an idiot. She has started businesses, she got famous through writing on the Internet and she does what’s she loves. And when feminists and so called culture journalists trash something or someone, you instantly know it has to be something good. But we are looking for stupidity here, so let’s find some.

I could mention her interest in clothing and accessories, which I don’t share to put it politely, but that’s her interest that no one should complain over. Also one should mention that her blog takes a long time to load for all the advertising, but that isn’t really something idiotic either, rather the opposite. Then I found an old article were she moralize over other youths behavior at parties, not very idiotic maybe, but still I thought it was a thread to pick up on so I checked around a bit hoping to find she is some religious nutjob, but couldn’t find any more in that regard. So I got a bit frustrated and thought maybe I can’t call this woman for an idiot.

But then I remembered and noticed something I should have thought about direct, something I actually did know. She is a member of the young conservatives in Sweden that is the youth organization of the ‘Moderat party’ which is governing Sweden at the moment. As a former member of the same organization, someone might think I should be lenient in this regard, but no. This party, that in most aspects belonged to the center of politics even back when I was member, have gone from bad to worse. Nowadays it’s hard to not even bunching them together with the left and with all the fascists laws they are passing at the moment, there is a lack of common sense among their members. So her politics is sketchy at best.

Sadly I couldn’t dig up any more dirt on her so I’m satisfied with calling her a part-idiot for her politics. Hopefully I find some blog entry were she admits to believing in manmade global warming or if someone can tip me about her saying Obama is great or some other stupidity like that. I know there are some idiotic things out there; she is good at hiding it this girl.


  1. läser du eller blogg?

  2. Nope. :) Skulle jag det?