Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nuclear power powers the powers

The political parties in Sweden are taking new stands on whether or not they are going to destroy capital in form of nuclear plants. Not that I care about the scam of manmade global warming, but for those that believe in that hoax nuclear power should be among the solutions, but no, instead there is less power that is on the ticket. There is 600 times more uranium in the ground than gold and there has been no major new uranium exploration for 20 years, but at current consumption levels, known uranium reserves are predicted to last for 85 years so its a good sourch of energy. Apparently the parasits are thinking a bit, first the government and now the opposition. Not that anything really has changed except for the intention of maybe not go through with the idiocy. A way of getting some votes I guess and in recession the Swedish industry might need some positive news. The opposition needs to show at least something they agree upon, so good job by the tree huggers and communists to make something out of their collaboration.

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