Sunday, March 22, 2009

Clueless humans of this planet

Maybe if I and millions of others survive of the work of those who produce we will live happily forever? And if someone doesn’t keep giving us “free” stuff we won’t vote for them, so those politicians better keep borrowing and printing money for us. It would also be nice if we had a lot of laws and regulations so only some businesses can thrive, and when some of those businesses lose money, we can always rely on the government to bail them out. And the government also needs to lower interest rates and create fake values to we think we are richer then we are so we can buy things we actually can’t afford. Savings and investments are for suckers, we need to spend it all and if the money runs out, the government can always print and borrow some more. Maybe politicians even can increase protectionism and safeguard those who have jobs so they can keep working and sending their money to us who watch TV or work for the government.

And if ever there is a crisis we can always blame the rich, maybe the Jews or Muslims, but the rich sounds less racist, let’s blame them. So during that crisis we can finally lift up our fat behinds and take to the streets, shouting, blaming and hurling things at those who actually try to work for a living. Smug sons of bitches, getting educated and working to get more and more money. Who do they think they are? Everyone knows the rich are to blame. And if the crisis doesn’t get solved in time for us buying that third car we don’t need and cannot afford, we will vote for that petite little funny man that’s says he is going to solve all our problems. He blames the rich and the directors and the financial markets as the great thinker he is. All we need to do is vote for him and he will fix it all by rearmament and increasing our borders. Yepp, it’s good to be human.

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