Sunday, March 22, 2009

Acolytes of those tiny men

I have been thinking more and more on how and why so many people of this planet are so incredibly stupid. The truth is mostly not very well hidden and certain facts are obvious to see for everyone still that opportunistically thinking and those socialist views keep winning time and again. Why do you all insist of not using your brains? The main reason for this is probably that populism and opportunism that comes from indoctrination by journalists, teachers and politicians. We have all heard sentences like: “You need to share with others”; “The society needs to help the poor”; “The rich keep getting richer” and other nice little smelly things that float around us. And then we also have that laziness that all humans possesses, we want to do as little as possible for as high gain as possible. So if some well dressed first-rate speaker tells us we are going to get stuff for free, we tend to listen. But I still think there are a couple of more reasons than this.

First of all there is that fear of death. And I don’t merely mean death as a concept of not being around anymore, no, I’m talking about that fear of pain, misery and conflict that are associated with “death”. We tend to seek out comfort and protection to sooth our minds and government is one of those institutions that are supposed to give us this reassurance. Also we draw comfort in being in a “group”. This group can be anything from joining the fanclub of a football team to being a member of the communist party. Having people around us that thinks and looks like ourselves makes one feel stronger and more secure. But we also want to be with those that are winning, or have a bigger group because in this case size really matter. The bigger and stronger a group is, the more secure we feel. And in the interest of self-preservation we would rather sit quiet and follow the stream rather than do our own thinking. This also means that those of us that believe in individuality and freedom of choice for the little and lonely man end up on the sideline, outside most of the groupings. So the voice of reason becomes something “outside” standing “against” the group/s most others are a part of. And the consequents of this can be seen at any schoolyard.

Secondly I think that there is lack of understanding of certain realities, mainly within the field of economics. And if there ever were one thing that government and those in power always have been good at, it’s the mystification of economics. The more problem there is the more hocus pocus there seem to come from financial experts and governmental officials. And most people just turn that sound down, thinking that all those numbers and hard words are for the ones with higher education and better understanding. It is in reality really simple, but they don’t want you to know this. Here are the only things you ever need to know about economy:

1) Governments have never and can never produce anything without taking value from somewhere else
2) You can never get anything for free
3) 1=1
4) Supply and demand – no one will produce if there is no demand and vice versa.

You should also know that money, the kind we use today, is only worthless pieces of paper that we ACCEPT as a means to exchange gods. Money in itself is worth nothing, it’s the productivity and things we create that holds the value.

If you understand these fairly simple truths, you can see right thru pretty much anything that you being told in media or from your government.

I don’t believe that anyone will listen of course, and even if you did, the moment you end up in the “real world” again, that group, those suits and that religious guy will sound too tempting to resist. So it is probably true after all, you are all idiots.

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