Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A highroad to hell

$787 billion spending spree without any kind of thought and the money mainly spent on useless things that will do nothing good to the economy isn’t enough. Now U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is saying there might be another “stimulus” in the near future. The first nifty little idiocy together with the evil bitch monster from hell’s suggestion is unheard of in history. But there is apparently still some ink in the printing machine. They are printing fictive money and borrowing on the backs of their own children! And US together with the rest of the world will suffer severely for it. United States are heading into deep deep socialism and are going so fast forward that it’s hard to keep up. There are many groups in the states that actually are piling up guns and ammunition so when some Russian economist claims USA might end up in a civil war and/or will break up in smaller countries you shouldn’t dismiss it. Barack Obama is a socialist tumor on the decaying body that once was the hope of freedom in this world. The next time this idiot writes a book he can call it: “mein kampf II” and we all know how good sequels are.

“Get up, get out, get drunk, and repeat as needed”


  1. I like Obama. Perhaps this could be our first argument, dear? x

    PS. I'll do the get up-out-drunk thing though. Obviously.

  2. I like Obama, but i don't like their way they are approaching now. It seems they don't change at all how they behave against the rest of the world. Wasn't that suppose to be any kind of big changes? Ok, its USA, i almost forgot. Of course they will do what the "big" company that rules in there command, want them to do or say.

    Thats life i guess. It really sucks.

    You messiah, here you have it.