Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You are going to die! Part XIV

Sex is a fun activity and is also necessary for the survival of the species. But it can also kill you and that in several ways.

First of all, the act of lovemaking might contain some physical activities that might hurt or kill you. Some people like to use chains, whips and suffocation as a way getting off. Lots of people die from suffocation each year by letting the strangulation, or that bag over the head last a bit longer than is good for you. These kinds of sexual role-playing and other similar fetishes are dangerous, but that’s kind of the point. But there is also several other things that can happen during more “normal” sexual activity. People might bang their head against a bed pole, fall out of bed and break their neck or are so into it that they don’t pay attention to what goes on around them. There are also several kinds of equipments that can hurt or kill if not used properly. Not only the once already mentioned, but also electrical appliances. And you always need to be careful what things you put into which hole and how you then use it/them.

The above isn’t enough though; the most dangerous thing about sex is STD’s. Things like Chlamydia, syphilis and other common diseases today are treatable and can be cured with some antibiotics. But back in the day these might actually have killed you. And today we have AIDS. Even if AIDS isn’t only a sexual transmitted disease and you can live with it for many years, it might get you and people around the world do die from it.

And finally we have consequences of sex. A jealous husband might kill you and a woman that has been cheated on might poison you. You might also get pregnant and from that comes other fun things, like giving birth to the next Hitler or getting attacked by some pro life people whom hates you for thinking about abortion. Then there is also human trafficking, prostitution and things that not really have to do with sex, but still needs to be mentioned, like rape and child molestation.
Sex is not really a massive killer of man; more people actually get born and get happy by sex then gets hurt or dies from those activities. But you still need to be cautious and don’t jump into bed with just anyone and do whatever comes to mind, it might kill you.

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