Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Government hating generation being created?

Apparently the prosecuting attorney in the Piratebay trial has changed some of the previous charges. This guy has had years to prepare, have the backing of some of the richest and most powerful companies in the world (and the government), and after two days a big part of his “case” goes out the window? Pfff… this thing is so idiotic. Well, the whole trial is stupid and it doesn’t matter what will be the final verdict, the Piratebay have already won. Those Piratebay guys are not really experts in marketing or sales, but they still manage to kick some serious butts on executives all over the world. And the Swedish “justice”-system, laughable as always, is so entertaining. Did you see that “judge” falling asleep?

Wasting millions of tax money on a trial that cannot be won and in doing so making an entire generation mistrustful of the government and the justice system… wait…hold on… that’s great! Magnificent even. Hopefully we soon will have millions of people all over the world hating governments. Oh goodie! I wasn’t thinking properly. From now on I’m a huge fan of this trial and every other idiocy that comes from this. I might even start to rote for the prosecutors. I wonder what will make the worst out of this situation, not guilty or guilty? If someone out there has the answer, let me know so I know what to hope for.

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