Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vodka saves the day - Some travel tips

I’m not a globetrekker or have been travel that much to be a guru in the travel industry, but some pointers is never the less important to tell you about.

First of all, if you go to UK, don’t exchange too much money, use your credit card. Even if it costs money to use. This because the coins keep piling up. In three days I manage to collect a smaller fortune in all those little pounds and pennies. So much so that it started to affect my walk, too much weight on one side. Okay, after a while this might not be a problem for you, you learn how to handle all those coins, but if you are going for the first time or just staying a day or so, don’t use money, use your cards. And my second tip is to look for that cheap vodka. You get a lot of value for your money. For about 6£ you get 50ml of 40% vodka which is a good start if you want to go to the pub later on.

If you are a British citizen and going to Sweden, there is some other tips you might think about. First, if you go in the wintertime, bring with you really good sunglasses. During those days when the sun actually can be seen (not that often though), it is low set in the horizon and if you go driving, cycling or even go for a walk, you might not be able to see that much. The suns low setting and the snow might make you close to blind. Second, be prepared to buy your alcohol in those government shops that is not open all the time. No local store or supermarket sells alcohol other then with very low %. And then the drinking culture is quite different. Were I come from people usually get drunk about 6 or 7 pm, possible even earlier. This is not the norm, I’m from the more northern parts, but generally speaking we start to drink earlier, drink more and stop our drinking later then most British people do. This goes for both genders and is generally a way to make babies, well… mostly.

But generally speaking, the differences between countries are highly exaggerated by my book. No matter if you are in Turkey, Estonia, Spain, Sweden or some other place. People are about the same. They might eat slightly different things, but they all eat. People might have different drinking habits, but they all drink. And mostly all the people I have meat have been polite and very nice about most things. Even those times I have walked in to a Mafia Bar, or that time I ended up in a gay bar, got stuck in customs, missed a deadline or made some cultural mistake, people have been nice about it no matter where I have been. As long as you yourself are willing to learn and do apologize for your mistake, there is no real worries.

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