Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fine day in Scotland today

A nice sunny day in Scotland today. Warmth and no snow might get you off, but for me it’s the ability to buy alcohol in the nearest store that does it. When I lived in Estonia I relished in the fact that I could buy tons of beer for the fraction of the price as in Sweden and this pretty much anywhere. In Scotland it’s not that cheap but still cheaper than in my native country, but not in: “I have found religion” kind of a way. But you can at least buy it at pretty much at every corner and this every day of the week. In Sweden there are countless home breweries and to smuggle alcohol over the border is pretty much a way of life. Because the government thinks we can’t handle ourselves and consequently have put all sales of alcohol in government stores so the government can make money of our drinking and that makes it alright…

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