Saturday, February 21, 2009

Left sided traffic more logical?

I have been thinking and I’m wondering if there is not a good reason for countries around the world to adapt the British way of driving, on the left side of the road. First it felt uneasy, strange and kind of exotic, but when I started to ponder on the subject and really got into it I do feel it is a more appropriate way of using traffic. First of all, most people are right handed, so if you use that little stronger hand to shift gears and have the slightly weaker left hand on the steering wheel, isn’t that actually a bad thing? Isn’t the English way of using your stronger arm to control the car better? Secondly it feels better to go, like in the UK, clockwise around a roundabout or around a fast food place like McDonald´s. In most countries we go counter clockwise, why? Shouldn’t it be better with the familiar way of going - with the sun and the clock? And thirdly; it would be fun to see some changes that might lead to some accidents. It probably would go pretty smoothly, but the risks are slightly higher and traffic accidents are lots of fun.

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