Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is it a crime to provide a meeting place?

As I have said before, the accused in the Piratebay trial act wrongly in and out of court. And they do and say things that according to my experience put them on the guilty rack. But I also believe that this is because of the circumstances in themselves and their inexperience with these kinds of situations and; most importantly, I as many others come from a more traditional way of doing business and looking at things. I too believe in knowing who’s in charge and the more hierarchical way of organizing things. But even if they did earn money and even if they know about all the things that the prosecutors accuse them of, the main reason for this trial is to figure out if it is illegal to create a marketing place or a meeting place were others might do crime and might share crime. If it is, then every government, company and organization that has built parks, shopping malls and every other place in the history of mankind is also guilty of the same crime. Every place humans and laws exists, crimes have been and always will be committed. So if these guys have copied, distributed and shared files illegally themselves, okay, they are guilty according to the law and in that case those kinds of crimes. If they only have created and provided a meeting place, they should be acquitted. And as far as I can tell, the prosecutors’ have not proved and will not ever prove them guilty of doing any crimes, but they will most likely be convicted anyways, because this is a political trial and anyone who says different do not know the facts or are lying.

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  1. If you mean the web site TPB, the name itself displays clearly what the purpose is. There's a difference there, so your comparison is a bit off topic.