Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cry wolf to many times…

This is incredible. Apparently British police went a little bit overboard when they reacted to a call about a bottle of brown fluid that had been thrown through the window of a parked car on a residential street in Enfield, north London. Wearing suits designed to protect against all chemical and biological threats, and with fire crews and paramedics in support, the team examined the inside of the car where the mystery substance had leaked. A female police officer was also taken to a local hospital as a safety measure after getting some of the substance on her suit.

The story doesn’t really say if the bottle in question could in parts be seen or if the car in question belonged to a diplomat or high government official, but still, come on! Do terrorist really throw in bottles through a window of a car with no one in it?

It turned out to be:

Isn’t that a way of wasting tax money…

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