Sunday, September 16, 2012

War is coming

Why aren´t there more dead kids? We need to fix that! Jey! War is fun! 

Make no mistake. United States will not, unless a huge terrorist attack curtsey of Iranians (fake), go to war with Iran. However they do want to have a war – that much is obvious. So I wonder, what can the military industrial complex do to conjure up a war?

The scare tactics are sort of working, but it’s not really enough. The price of a direct conflict is too high. Not just against Iran alone, although tens of thousands of American would die from that, no, what I mean is that Russia and China cannot and will not stand idly by when murderess thugs of America claim another piece of real-estate in the Middle East.

They could back Iranians into such a dark corner and starve them to a degree of having no other choice but to hit back, but the world´s opinion would not be positive, so that´s not really a choice either.

If they only had an ally the Iranians hate as much as America, an ally capable of a first strike, an ally that after a few years of propaganda and with a “decent excuse” can attack and with the aid of America forces take care of Iran. Yes, that could work…

… do we know of such an ally..?

And if such an ally can be convinced of going to war with Iranians, will China and Russia protect Iran? Perhaps, depending on the “decent excuse” mentioned above. Anyone wanting to predict WHEN this war erupts can look for that sign – or “excuse”.

But if that is not enough to get your bloodthirst going; how aboutJapanese island buying adventures?

Or what about all the Russians in former Eastern European countries feeling ostracized and wanting Mother Russia to save them?

Or what about the Presidential election in the U.S. where our two bellowed Goldman Sachs puppets need to show who has the bigger penis?

But all of above pale in comparison to The Greatest Depression and all that it holds. When there is no jobs left, no shelter to find, hardly any food left and when those lying cheating soul-suckers ruling us still claim ownership over the lands, do you really think the people will lay down and die or will they fight? Either civil wars will erupt or a totalitarian idea promising gold and glory will take command of the hungry masses and go to war. That´s what have happen so many times throughout history; do you think our time is that much different?

Make no mistake people; war is coming - And war, war never changes. 

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