Sunday, September 16, 2012

The next deadly flu

As I mentioned in this post from a couple of years ago there will be a new flu coming our way and I am starting to think that the time is right for it very soon.

Not necessarily the next big killer of humankind - cannot compete with government too much - but probably as harmless as or perhaps slightly worse than Swine flu. In real numbers that is - the cream of the crop will of course announce it to be a plague upon this earth.

Just as with the piggy variety they will say that people will die in hordes, the elderly will be no more, and every child will suffer horrifically and, most importantly, those not inoculated are not only dooming themselves, they are committing high treason – perhaps such awful folk even need to be forced the needle or, at the very least, be confined to smaller areas.

Inoculated people are good upstanding citizens thinking of their neighbor.

Foes refusing the mercury and other poisonous substances are equal to smoking pedophiles plotting terrorist attacks against hospitals.

As vaccinated you are eligible to government programs and subsidies.

Refuse the needle and you are not welcome to wander among those who obey.

If you think I am kidding here, they tried to impose such outrageous restrictions already during the Swine flu scare. We didn´t really accept it back then, so they didn´t go ahead with it, but they set it up, they threw all the arguments out there so to make us more compliant next time.

Ever since we´ve been able to read articles and medical reports about flues and other diseases every two or three weeks. Articles and science reports coming from the WHO or CDC or whatnot, arguing that vaccinations is the only way to go if we want to survive.

The side-effects; like thousands of kids getting narcolepsy or people getting serious allergic reactions or reported deaths attributed to neuropsychiatric problems or brain infections, where, and still is, largely ignored. Sure such things has been brought to light and in a few article condemnations has been ushered, but no one has gone to jail, no prosecutions, not a single pharmaceutical company has filed bankruptcy or given heavy fines. No doctors has ever been fired, no nurse has ever lost a license. Not a single politician has ever been found guilty of taking bribes.

You may ask yourself why our leaders would go to such lengths to impose roadblocks, restrictions and perhaps even forced inoculations. Perhaps during normal circumstances you could argue the case that only tin-foil hats or people deeply mistrusting of governments can make claims like the ones I´ve eluded to, but these are not normal times.

When the economic collapse reaches all corners of society and there are riots in the street and neither police nor military seem able to contain the situation, our benevolent leaders need to come up with additional ways of control. This is, by the way, the real reason for all the restrictions and monitoring comes to internet.

What better way of controlling us then to let us know that if we don´t comply we might die? And what better way of keeping us in line then to make it absolutely clear that any deviants endanger everyone?

Eventually, when society structures have fallen and law and order is no more, any disease will of course be of public concern, but that is not what I am talking about here. What I am talking about are very small outbreaks of almost harmless flues. The Swine flu for example was the least deadly flu in recorded history; they still managed to make that sound like the rapture had arrived – so what do you think they will do with a flu that actually is slightly dangerous?

My previous flu poll show, with significant margin, that most of you think that “the cutest thing ever flu” may be next in line. I see no reason to argue with this. They will attach a dreadful sounding prefix or suffix to the next flu, but whatever the name; please remember to, at the very least, ask questions and refuse to take any vaccination before you make sure what the content is and what side effects there might be.

Prepare people, the flu is coming.

Government will claim to be your savior and do things to you and say things about you if you don´t fall in line.

Don´t say I didn´t warn you. 

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