Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unified Scandinavia

Flag of Scandinavia? 

Been contemplating the notion of a unified Scandinavia for a while now and the more I think about it, the more the idea appeals to me.

First of all it the languages, history, culture and societies are very similar so we would not experience the same asymmetric problems as within the European Union (EUSSR). Secondly our politicians want another step above national, which is one of the main reasons they love UN and the Euro, so if we can give them that within a structure and with a foundation much more resilient than anything else available they may accept that option rather than a fascist EUSSR. Thirdly the unified power and strength of Scandinavia would give us a much stronger voice in the world than today were Scandinavian countries are divided and trying to voice opinions one by one.
insignia of the armed forces? 

There is really no downside - depending on how such an entity would be put together, what kind of constitution it would have and so on. But with the right people at the helm and if such an idea can be accepted by the people, why not?

Interesting idea nevertheless and I think I will play European Universalis III a bit more while contemplating how this could work. 

Flag used during the Kalmar union (1397–1523)


  1. The first time the Scandinavian countries united was after the Black Death. In hard times, alliances are necessary for the weak to survive, so perhaps we will see several such alliances in the near future, possibly filling the vacuum left by a bankrupt EU. On the other hand, rising nationalism in the Nordic countries may make a tight political alliance uncomfortable. It's hard to say which force is stronger.

  2. I don´t think nationalism can grow so strong that it will totally change our northern societies. However it can be a driving force in implementing Scandinavianism actually. As said, same culture, almost same languages, common history and other similar traits can be supporting of such an idea. Perhaps with the Norwegians as an exception. :)

    Danes, Swedes and Iceland shouldn´t have a problem unite under one banner. Perhaps the Finns to if they "True Finns"-party does not get too strong. Norwegians are the problem since they´ve been under the thumb of Denmark and Sweden for many hundreds of years and then occupied by Germany, and with their oil they are less likely to join such an entity.

    But with an ever increasing dangerous world with financial markets collapsing everywhere and a NATO that keeps fighting war after war, it is not impossible to convince the Norwegians.

    No, the biggest problem is the fight between complete unity (one country) and federalism, union-idea, or whatever else Scandinavia could become. For me, to make such an idea successful, we need to form a new country and forget redicolous items as flags. Capital; Copenhagen with Queen Margerethe II as regent. Financial center Stockholm (or perhaps Malmö), the Central bank and supreme court in Oslo, national language Swedish, and with a two chamber Riksdag I think we could make it work. :)

    Well, there is a long way to go, but I think such an unity would be a great idea - or at least better then any other option available.