Sunday, September 30, 2012

Storm clouds gathering

Our pinkish fluffy reality is so nice and cuddly, isn´t it? 

A confluence of events is gathering at the horizon and circling us like vultures ready to pick our decaying flesh. We´re in the middle of a maelstrom, we´re in the eye of a super hurricane, we´re on the shoreline looking up at the biggest nastiest tsunami ever seen on this planet.

It will be known as THE Greatest Depression, and there is no escaping it.

Here we are, at the raggedy edge, about to face what may very well be the last stand of the human race.

It cannot be stopped, hindered or avoided. It does not matter what Goldman Sachs puppet that will reside in the Oval Orifice Office in the land of the foreclosed and home of the serfs in 2013. It does not matter what new zombie assets the vampire Squid banks think of next. It has no meaning whatsoever what political color rules your country. You can riot, scream, complain and blame the Jews, but it will not affect the nearest years one bit.

The weird thing, which is sort of funny, is that we´ve finally reach a point where we could eliminate poverty and get rid of starvation and conflicts, and what do we do? We create the biggest calamity since the dinosaurs went extinct.

How can that not be comical?

I´ve cited what caused our impending doom many times, but just as a short recap;

1) We´ve printed too much money and interest rates were kept to low and was not set after production but rather set after political consideration.

2)  The people kept voting for the same soul-sucking entities in suits over and over again regardless of what malevolent ideas they came up with.

3)  Politicians and banksters were unified in order to cheat, steal, rob, and even murder.

4) Government grew too large and got way to intrusive

5) Entitlements grow too large and are way out of control

And finally, and most importantly, when things started to spin out of control the Money Masters and our elected frauds kept pushing for more of the very same that created our dilemma; more bureaucracy, more printing, even lower interest rates, more surveillance, more government, more printing, more money thrown at banks, more printing, new Ponzi schemes to replace the old ones and of course more printing - and so on and so forth.

Whether you blame the New World Order (NWO) or take the conspiracy thought even further into Alien and mutated bunnies territory - it too has very little meaning. The result is the same and the path very similar regardless if evil men sitting in cigar-filled room planned it all or if it’s just the cause and effect from political idiocies and people´s stupidity.

The currency- and trade wars have just begun and the continuation of banks going under, corporation firing people and rampage inflation is assured. The debt-mountains has never been bigger, the production rate never lower, and to top it all off we have the derivatives market which dwarfs anything ever seen before. Everything is manipulated and with just a little bit of ingenuity and a few millions pretty much anyone can make themselves a dirty bomb or even a nuclear one.

Tens of millions of people, mostly in Africa, are already stumbling back and forth on the starvation line, and with all of what is going on happening faster the more time passes; sickness will too become rampant.

And remember; what have they always done before when all else has failed?

They take us to war!

Safe to say; the human race has never faced anything of this magnitude before.

Oh, but can´t we reverse the process and save ourselves? Is there no hope?

Of course there are ways to reduce the worst fallout and turn things around and perhaps go back to prosperity and happiness. But you don´t want to hear about it, so move along and try to live out your life as you lived it; as a mindless zombie with fecal matters as brain. 


  1. I worry that our Overlords might be more crafty than you're expecting...

    Instead of a depression - what about a 20, 30 year recession? Thing just slightly worse off, they keep those printed dollars locked up, just enough of a trickle to keep the connected in wine and whiskey, while those of us on the bottom get a little bit more desperate, a little bit more afraid of the ax, a bit more willing to conform, and to desperately try to go along to get along?

    A crisis would be a gift at this point.

    You're bang-on about how we could easily eliminate poverty nowadays - but to do that, your average boomer would have to give up all their entitlements that they 'worked for'.

    1. Actually this is my biggest fear. It can happen and if so our last liberties and wealth will disappear while we slowly accept what is going on, as we´ve done before.

      But looking around at the numbers any decades are not possible. If they can keep the system from imploding and exploding for just one year it will be a surprise.

      No, I don´t think the slow moving recession can happen. If they´d done things differently perhaps, but not now, the math doesn’t lie. We´re heading for crashes and wars and all the rest of the funnies. I think we can be 99% sure about that.

      The only thing that can save the system and any deviant scheme put into place, is either divine intervention or an Alien take-over. But that is very unlikely.

      Of course if they “suddenly” put forward cold fusion and a cure for cancer etc. we can be “saved” for a while. In such a case they may be able to keep the scam rolling for another decade or so, so that’s the only thing that can lead us down the path you mention.