Friday, October 22, 2010

Police Intellectuals

A crack team of profilers, a massive manhunt and lots and lots of police are all over the shootings in Malmö, Sweden. They’ve came together to solve the wave of seemingly related shootings targeting immigrants in the city.

After they'd investigate the evidence from the crime scenes, composed a profile and brought forth the entire brain trust of Sweden’s justice system they have come up with the following:

- The shooter is between 20-40 year old and in all likelihood a man.
- It is likely that since immigrants been targeted that this guy hates immigrants or belongs to a right-wing group.

Wow… that’s just fantastic work isn’t it? A couple of eye witnesses have pointed out that it’s a man and that 20-40 year span is just breathtaking, probably with a slight margin of error. And the smartness of figuring out that the shooter probably doesn’t like immigrants when only those have been shot is like… Sherlock stuff.

I mean, really, is this what we pay taxes for?

Just after I’d blog posted yesterday, another two women got shot through a window in the center of Malmo. Probably by the same “man-like” fanatic racist homophobic Muslim-hating Nazi right-wing maniac shooter between 20-40 years that our brilliant investigating whizzes are looking for.

Apparently people are getting afraid to go out, I have a solution for all you out there - get a gun! If someone starts shooting at ya, shot back. And if (a very big ‘if’) the geniuses within the police actually manage to find you and want to lock you up for defending yourself, you still have that gun left…

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  1. Criminal profiles are and have always been a bit of a joke. Remember the beltway sniper? They were looking for a white male with sniper training. That wasnt exactly spot on, was it?

    Its all general statements working on probability that may (or may not) be useful to cops. Going into any detail is sherlock holmes stuff which works very well in criminal dramas, but not in real life. Csi isnt reality.