Friday, October 22, 2010

(10) Things I don’t hate about Dexter

As a long time hater of all things commercial and loather of all things politically correct, I rarely watch TV. In fact I haven’t own one of those idiot boxes in over 11 years. I do continuously watch a couple of shows, downloading them online free from commercials, but almost only to keep myself occupied during rainy days. Generally I only watch documentaries about science, history and our deteriorating economy.

But I have followed a few shows – like Buffy the Vampire slayer and the magnificent Firefly as two of the most shining exceptions. The last couple of years’ only one show is actually on my radar – Dexter.

This politically incorrect show features a mass murderer as the ‘hero’ and we get to follow him trying to avoid ending up in the electric chair while he hacks up other killers and throw their mutilated bodies into the Golf Stream, all the while he works for the police as a forensics investigator…

There are a lot of things about the show that tickles my interest, like the cursing over the top sister of the psychopathic ‘hero’ or the raw sense of humor that’s like a red thread throughout, but the main attraction is probably that it never stops changing. Main characters die frequently, and the problems for our lovable mass murderer is everything from changing diapers to how to best get rid of body parts.

Just as I assumed the show peaked last season with the magnificent John Lithgow playing the ‘Trinity Killer’, the writers and makers came up with an intrigue that involves the beautiful and captivating Julia Stiles. Hopefully a new adept of Dexter’s, maybe even a spin-off with a female serial killer in the service of “good”? But, as said, the show is very unpredictable and it wouldn’t surprise me if Lumen (Julia Stiles) dies from tripping on a children toy in the next episode.

The Music is great, and the supporting actors, although stealing a bit too much focus sometimes, are also on the top of their game.

As I hinted above there are a lot of things to do with a show like this. The writers really have a sack full of treats and things can really go anywhere. Will Dexter get caught and play the Hannibal to a new Clarice? Will CIA recruit him to catch Bin Laden? How will sister Deborah react once she finds out what her brother really does all those late nights? Will they follow the story of the books and let the kids learn the way of Harry?

Me, I really hope they rap up things with a sixth season, end at the top so to say, and then let the new serial killer and Dexter’s female equivalent of Julia Stiles go on a spree across America in her own spin-off. Maybe even have a cross-over with ‘Criminal Minds’? Yeah, I know - another network…

I suggest you take look at this show, if you haven’t already. With the exception for the occasional naked breast and one or two heads being decapitated, it’s really a family show that everyone can watch.

And no, I don’t get paid for this, but if any casting director for the show need a Swede to make meatballs out of his victims, please let me know…

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