Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letting soldiers die is fun

How many more dead do YOU want?

While the American killing-machine rages on, Swedish journalists are trying their very best to keep the Swedish populace thinking it’s a good thing that Swedish soldiers are dying in a conflict we have absolutely nothing to do with. Papers and news coverage are filled with mamby pamby boohooing stories worthy of any Oscar.

When media show us Swedish soldiers they are helping. A kid who has lost his family to American warplanes gets candy, a stray dog with three legs get some water and of course our heroes confiscating one bag of drugs while handing out food and aid to the locals who later go around a hill to work on those poppy fields.

Any camel-fellating or shady deals going on in the background is ignored.

For some reason it is great that Swedes die on the other side of the world. Probably because, after all, they are protecting a corrupt women hating regime and, at the same time, supporting the murder of thousands of families. How can you not love that?

A flourishing drug trade that has never before, in Afghanistan’s entire history, shown such profits – got to support that right? And the fact that during the 9+ years the world’s strongest military with the world’s biggest intelligence service has ONLY manage to do one thing; create more enemies! Yeah, great stuff.

Sending soldiers out to die have been a favorite pastime among politicians throughout the ages, and so when we today (yesterday) are faced with another soldier down, are we really surprised by this?

Our government murders people every day through too high taxation, too overzealous regulations, anti-drug laws, through the manmade global warming scam and countless of other schemes said to protect and help us. So for our politicians to send soldiers to die in a country far, far away and to a conflict we have absolutely nothing, nada, zilch, nil, zero to do with is fully understandable. Soldiers are there for our masters’ amusement.

Should we mourn the dead? Absolutely. Should we support their families? Completely! And as long as they are there our soldiers should have the best equipment possible, which they are seemingly withheld, probably to increase the pleasure that comes with more dead.

For the love of all that is un-holy, why are they there? To protect the drug trade? I know the argument is that it was a horrible regime and bladibladi-bla, but if those reasons are the ones that made us go there, why aren’t we in China? Sudan? Why aren’t we sending troops to Venezuela? To Mozambique or Indonesia? Or how about the country we’re selling military equipment to - Saudi Arabia?

If we really are supposed to help, if we really want to win this so called war, why aren’t we sending tens of thousands of soldiers down there? Why aren’t we urging the Americans to use tactical nukes and really put the pressure on? Why won’t we act with force, determination and conviction? If we did, the conflict would be over very soon. Since we’re not, the only conclusion anyone with working synapses can draw is that they don’t want to win. Probably with the intention to create more terrorists so when they bomb our cities our masters can impose more hilarious regulations.

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  1. War is ONLY for the Rotscild´s & co to make even more money and power.