Friday, July 9, 2010

Bought a prostitute you say?

Minister eh? I’m sorry, that’s extra.

I love the smell of Swedish politicians burning in the morning - it smells like victory.

I do not believe that buying and selling sex should be illegal. Whatever people do with their own bodies and money is their business. And so the act of going to a prostitute is in my mind nothing to be ashamed of and it is certainly not something to be convicted for.

However, when you do so while having a family with kids and a wife I can sort of feel you’re a morally dubious character. If at the same time your day job is being a politician in a government that is “tough on crime” and have fascist ideas of outing even suspecting ‘criminals’ and bring back medieval punishments, well then I start to see a problem.

But worst of all if you after being confronted with evidence of such a ‘crime’ resign as minister but blame your resignation on journalists while you’re crying over how bad it is for your kids being mentioned in the media, well then you should get crucified. Literally. Using your kids to cover up a story is low, very slimy low.

The Swedish ex minister in question have some problems comes to keeping his willy tucked away. This is in no way a secret. Many within his own party have known about some of his exploits for a long time. Maybe they didn’t know about him running to prostitutes, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise either.

Almost to a day one year ago I wrote this post about the lavish happening out on a Swedish island were politicians and their hang-around criminals feast on your money. (Same thing is going on right now.) In it I hinted, as I’ve done on several other occasions, about certain individuals. Among other things I wrote:

“I have read text messages from high up politicians to underage girls containing words that would make the local hooker look Amish. There were at least two times I lifted up my baseball bat in order to put some serious hurt on some abusive fuck, both times the girls in question stopped me not wanting the publicity.”

In the light of day and with the smell of a certain person getting outed for some lesser ‘crime’ today – draw your own conclusions…

To me however the most interesting thing is how the fascist Minister of (in)Justice will react to this “news”. Her pal and leftie companion is obviously a ‘criminal’ and, according to her, one of the worst scumbags on the planet that should be running gauntlets getting beaten by clubs and spitted at. And he has kids. I don’t know if the fascist Minister of (in)Justice knew about the sexual exploits of the former minister, but I can say for certain many up on high did. Maybe not details or how bad some of his sexual prowling have been, but they knew about some of it. Hopefully the papers will bring forth some of that knowledge and more heads will roll.

In the meantime I’ll watch some porn thinking of movie titles like “The Minister of Sex”; “Keep it in your pants Minister”; “I worked on my back for the Minister of labor”; “Politicians of Erotica”; “Yes Mr minister sir”...


  1. Hans fru Ann var ung och vacker, nu har han en tjej som ser horaktig ut...
    precis så gjorde min man på 70talet och jag kommer aldrig kunna förlåta!

  2. Bra onödigt av Littorin att göra detta. En dejt med fröken högerhand är gratis och skapar inga rubriker. Lågvattenmärket står dock Aftonbladet för genom att släppa denna ickepolitiska bomb innan valet..

  3. Det riktigt allvarliga är ju att aftonbladet skrivit om ett påstått brott som är preskriberat. Antingen är han skyldig eller så är han inte skyldig. Han kommer på detta viset aldrig få chans på att rentvå sig i en rättegång.

    Om han blivit anklagad av tidningen samtidigt som de gjort en polisanmälan och han fått chansen med advokat och en ordentlig rättegång så hade allt varit i sin ordning. Nu kommer han för alltid i 'vissas' ögon vara stämplad som sexköpare fast han ej haft minsta chans till rättvis prövning.

    Man kan tycka vad man vill om skambrott och moraliska lagar. Men att bli anklagad för dem utan rimlig chans att rentvås är om något värre än att faktiskt begå dem. I ett vettigt land skulle Aftonbladet få punga ut ett fett skadestånd för förtal.