Thursday, April 8, 2010

War crimes and a firing range

Survivor of a US war crime

WikiLeaks, probably soon to be upgraded from an enemy of US to ‘terrorist organization’, have released more details about one of the warcrimes committed.

You can now see pictures of the children the US military fired upon when their parents tried to rescue wounded.

This news and similar events (remember the Paktia incident? The tossing of the live rabbit-thingy or how they are destroying property just for the fun of it?) are still hardly mentioned in US media. If the American people want to uphold some dignity these mercenary military thugs should stand trial, preferably in Haag.

However, to no surprise, US mercenaries are not the only ones having fun on the expense of Muslims. British soldiers are training to blast Mosques.

Well, I could make long lists of terrible offences committed in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But the important thing to remember here is that the wars themselves, the foundation and reasons for them, are highly questionable in the first place. And the second thing to remember is that with somewhere around 1 million dead Muslims and another couple of millions turned into refugees, and with hardly any positive things coming out of the deal so far, there will be consequences.

I expect a chemical attack on London, a nuclear explosion in New York or something of the sort in the near future. And this time around it is hard, very hard, not to see that as a fair payback for the atrocities.

The sad thing about that is that such retaliation will lead to further escalation, maybe an attack on Iran. And then we can start saying hello to many more wars with many more millions dead.

Don’t you just love government?

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