Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is immigration at fault?

A 78-year-old woman in the southern Swedish city of Landskrona lost consciousness after she was punched in the face while trying to intervene on behalf of her 71-year-old partner who was being attacked by a man in a parking dispute. The woman later died at the hospital.

The 23-year-old main suspect is facing charges of murder and aggravated assault, but has denied the allegations.

You never know in a case like this and I don’t have the police investigation in front of me, so there is chance the guy is innocent, although not very likely when you read about the incident in papers and watch the news.

However, he is of foreign origin and has a foreign name so whether he’s innocent or not have no real barring to the uproar in the community. And, of course, the Swedish Democrats (SD) that are the made-up “right-wing racist” party, loves this. It is a crime, it is a crime against the elderly by a very sick and cowardly person and it is a crime supposedly, and most likely, committed by an immigrant.

Some genius “expert” commentator said the other day that SD is using the martyr-card to gain support. Next he will probably declare that gravity exists or that the sun is warm. But what that “expert” and many others are missing is that it’s not SDs fault, not really. They can just sit back and relax. Just send an article to a paper or sit in the morning sofa once a week, then they can lay back and let the mainstream pundits bash them into fame and parliament.

And when a story like this brake out it’s yet another open goal.

Both the government and the opposition have solemnly declared that they will never form a coalition with the “racists” and that they will cut them out as much as possible. In the meantime journalists are competing in the game of who can trash and ridicule SD the most.

What the public see in all this, those that don't react with the auto-responder permanently cranked up to 'racist-Nazi-bigot-neanderthal-thug' every time those two letters are mentioned. People who would not have dreamed of voting SD, who might otherwise have heard little to nothing of that party, are wondering what all the fuss is about. Why is the government so scared of them? Why are they so desperate to silence this small party? What do they offer that the government doesn't?

And even more so, people that actually live in reality, in the real world where immigration and refugees actually pose a problem or at least some nuisance, those people see events like this murder as something the elite does nothing about. Sure the murderer might get caught and punished, but the next incident is just around the corner.

And so it doesn’t matter if journalists find criminals within SD, which party hasn’t criminals as members? Aren’t they all criminals? What if some article or pamphlet is riddled with holes? How many of the elitists aren’t lying to us each day? Are we supposed to care more because one party gets “caught” lying but not the other one?

Let's face it; so many people are so tired of our politicians - all of them - that they would be interested in voting for any party that the nosegoblins say they shouldn't.

The establishment might as well start printing 'Vote SD' badges ready for the next election.

This post isn't actually about the SD. So anyone currently suffering tinnitus and steam coming from their ears, chill out, have a smoke and a double brandy and relax. It is not a post in support of the SD nor is it a post attacking the SD. This is about the problem that immigration poses, what it potentially had to do with this murder and why the Swedish Democrats are gaining momentum.

Immigration means that a group of people that may look different or have a different religion are running, fleeing or just moving and might end up in your neighborhood.

The normal thing to do for these new citizens would be to learn the local language, get a job and work themselves into the society. I actually know how it is, having lived in several countries myself, it’s not always so easy. However this is seldom how it works.

To a certain degree these immigrants are to blame for being lazy idiots, but one also needs to realize that most countries have some kind of “plan” to take care of and handle the “helpless”. Often this little “plan” involves seeing all people that are not the norm as “helpless” and - of course - they need lots of welfare, support and “help” in all kinds of ways.

Never are they left alone getting the chance of trying to make it; they obviously cannot, they are “helpless”.

These “helpless” people than need to get past several obstacles on the labor market where unions and politicians have made it very hard for people to get a job. Minimum wage is one such stupidity making it much harder for the young and immigrants to get a decent job.

Many of these “helpless” people are also highly educated and have a degree in this or that. In Sweden for instance several of the crossing guards and personnel at the subway in Stockholm are former CEO’s, doctors and nurses. Not being able to get a job for what they are trained and educated for they try to earn some money within the rules.

As if it wasn’t enough being labeled “helpless” and being ignored by the labor-markets, they also, to some extent, get welfare-money and useless stupid education thingies thrown at them in addition to being driven to live among their peers out in some suburb. In other words it is not hard to see the foundation for conflicts and resentments, not mainly for the first ones arriving, they are probably just happy to have left their country/conflict or whatever, but their children ending up with the same problems and same labels will have problems. This is not an excuse for violent or lawbreaking behavior, just a fact needed to be considered into the equation.

No matter if you are Swedish, English or whatever, getting a bunch of foreign people coming to “your home country” and claiming a piece of that pie is kind of annoying. Since journalists, politicians and most economists keep claiming that there is a certain amount of money that – of course – needs to be distributed by the political system, this implies that more people living on the same pie means less all around and maybe even nil for some of the ethnic ones (horrid thought…).

The whole situation is fueled by those little things that keep bugging the hell out of even none-judgmental people; like banning the waving of the national flag or the outlawing of certain prayers or songs that might “offend” the newcomers.

In Sweden this can take absurd turns banning schoolchildren from attending church on graduation or people getting physically forced to remove the Swedish flag from their balcony. All this creates resentments and when an economic crisis, a war or something of that nature occurs; racists come out of the woodwork having a perfect little pile of animosity to dig out idiots from.

Would this old lady have been alive if it wasn’t for immigration? Perhaps. Would rape and violent crimes statistics be lower if it wasn’t for immigration? Maybe. And for many these “maybe’s” and “perhaps” is enough. And I sort of get it; it’s always easy to blame someone, even easier to blame someone with a foreign name with another religion. What I want you all to realize is that the problems that comes with immigration isn’t firstly and foremost immigrants that are to be blamed for, politicians are.

The individual should always be blamed and punished for the offence and crime he or she commits, but the foundation for many of the crimes we see and the creation of the basic animosity lies with the elitist righteous groups that rule us.

Ask yourself this; would your government take a view opposing yours and silence you, and those who would speak for you, and refuse to countenance any debate at all that would let you have a say? Would your government use lies and deceit to override anything you might want to do or say? Would your government use the law against you, demonise and punish you, encourage others to treat you as subhuman, for no other reason than they just don't like you?

Do you smoke? Drink? Drive? Are you a little on the portly side?

Can you see why the SD support is growing? It's not because people are all suddenly racist, it's not even because people are all suddenly in tune with all the policies on all the other things because they're pretty much the same policies as all the rest of them. The only real difference between SD and the social democrats is the more focus on the immigration and refugees issues.

People have seen the way the government are working on SD and they are thinking about that while they shiver outside for a smoke, while they queue in those bars for a overtaxed drink that comes with warning labels, while they hear talk about speed cameras that don't flash so you don't know whether you're fined until the letter arrives. They are reading about fat people beaten up for being fat, they are watching the information campaigns sending hateful messages against smokers, they are consoling children scared to death by the drowning puppies of the global warming religion, they are wondering why their government thinks they are all pedophiles, they are wondering why the government needs to poke around their computer and read their emails, and they are wondering why government and the elite tries to hide that a certain percentage of immigrants commits crime.

People aren't looking at the treatment of the SD and thinking 'They could do that to me'.

They are thinking 'They have done that to me'.

The elitists tell us that the SD are evil racists. Well, they've already told me I am personally evil because I use tobacco. I'm even more evil because I like a drink. I'm yet more evil because my salt and fat intake is nowhere near the recommended amounts. I'm a crazed 'global warming denier'. I will not take any vaccine. I promote capitalism and personal freedom and I, oh gosh, don’t vote. Can you find a more evil person than me?

Looking at the list of things this government calls me evil for being and doing, Satan had better watch out for his job. So when they call SD evil, I'm supposed to consider that a different type of evil or something?

I'm not going to vote SD. Too socialist, too controlling, too much as the rest of the bunch. But I'm not the only one classed as Satan's heir. There are millions out there who have been demonised far more than me. Why would they vote SD?

Why would they not?

And immigration is a problem, and it will continue to be a problem unless we take a different approach.

One thing that immediately would get rid of most animosity from inbreeds towards immigrants and diminish the laziness of all within a country, is to eliminate all kinds of welfare. If we also scrap minimum wage laws and take away all hinders that stops people from taking work and stops people from being a real part of society, then immigration stops being a problem.

Who the fuck cares if a doctor speaks English or Swedish? Just fix me up and cure me. And why the hell would anyone care if the engineer that builds the bridge is from India? Just make a good bridge damn you.

Finally we need to get rid of the politically correct righteous puppet masters that send their thugs and spin-doctors out to work whenever and whatever happens. I too find it ridiculous singing the national anthem and waving flags around, but at least that is ‘us’, our culture and a part of our history. If you ban that with some obscure reference to immigration, is it then such a surprise that immigrants become a target?

This old lady getting murdered is a very sad story, but it isn’t the first one, and it won’t be the last. Sometimes it will be a blond blueeyed tall thug that do the murdering, sometimes it will be a black-haired Muslim called Abdullah. The problem is that we seldom talk about and address the problem with immigration and that this can and, at least according to SD, do cause more crimes.

Sometimes it feels like the established parties and the righteous actually want a racist party to bash, they certainly do nothing to stop them and sad events like this one will further fuel their upwards going momentum.


  1. "Why would they vote SD?"

    Because there's no other choice. I'm a liberal, but since there is no true liberal political party, I'll have to vote for the only one not wanting Sweden to be a multicultural chaotic experiment.

  2. SD is anit immigrant socialistic party.
    The most immigrants coming to Sweden in teh last 20 years do not contribute to country wealth but take from it. Seden has the greatest diference in the unemployment rate between Swedes and immigrants.
    Is it immigrants fault = no.
    Sweden just takes anyone ,who says I am political refugee who just one day after getting papers goes to visist the country they "escaped from".
    That an Arab killed the old lady and the foriegners do OVERREPRESENT in swedish jails doe snot change anything. Imigrantion is of good look at Canda ,US the Swedish one in the latest years creats unemployment and strange religions to be established in the country.
    Everyone wants to have a better life ,the established swedish politicians want more votes.
    Not vey liberal ,I think.

  3. Right, there's no other choice to vote than Sverigedemokraterna (The Swedish Democracy Party). I'm a father of four and member of no political party. Professionell background is socialworker. Through the years I've seen this coming backed up by political correctness meaning that no critism in fact is allowed though political leaders assure you ther is. The Swedish Labourparty (Socialdemokraterna) really has put our swedish democray at stake as they started to open up for immigrants from the Middle East and the Allianceparties now in charge, have no other agenda.

    In 20-30 years it's a good risk Sweden has Sharia-laws and a majority of muslims. I and many others consider the present politicans being traitors to our country.

  4. Hi there Apoc. I see you are well aware of the NWO and the Illuminati.

    I will vote for SD this fall. It is important that we slash immigration, leave the EU, reduce the number of abortions, put an end to the fabian-socialist doctrin of multiculturalism, (and I kan gå on and on).

    At least then we will be able to have a discusion on immigration and multiculturalism. And we will get taxcuts. As a fan of Ludwig von Mises I like taxcuts. This would also reduce government spending. Which is a big problem.

    I know SD still hugs the old swedish-socialist modell. But SD is a step on the right direction.

  5. Anonymous 1:
    'Liberal'… eh? Yeah, sure…

    Anonymous 2:
    Sadly our masters generally use immigrants as voting cattle. Which is probably why their welfare dependency is so high. Politicians want them dependent because then they vote for those that gives them welfare.

    Anonymous 3:
    Yes, many think like you, but maybe you should read my post again and think it over once more.

    Anonymous 4:
    I am not a conspiracy buff if that’s what you’re implying. Yes there is a movement towards world governance and there are secret societies, but that doesn’t mean it’s all a conspiracy. That’s just how it is and how things work.

    And if you want to put an end to socialism, SD is probably not the correct choice. As I say in this post they are the same as the rest of the bunch. Maybe they contribute to the immigration discussion in their own way, but otherwise they are the same. You can just as easily vote for the Social Democrats, same thing, only more racist.

    IF you actually were a fan of Mises, you would probably also acknowledge that he, like any libertarian is FOR open borders and AGAINST all forms of collectivism. Which is also what this post is about, if you had bothered to read it.

  6. I like your post, unkike a great many that has been published since the horrible assault and murder earlier this week.

    There us a saying: "What resists persists".

    In this context, considering the policies governing the immigration into this Country, it is ample that this should implicate the unwillingness to discuss what is at hand on the part of the more established political Party´s.

    A sound democracy wisely balances and consults the ideeas of the public in making of policies and legislations and so opinions are welcomed as a crucial ingredient.

    The contrary is true in Today´s Sweden where SD is bashed, from center to left.

    It begs the question what interests they, the established parties, primarily are trying to serve. Furthermore it is counter productive to their own intentions.

  7. from Anonymous 4.

    I want less government. 100 000 immigrants comming in per year does not contribute to less government, but more government. Obamas next step will most probably be to push for new amnesty laws.

    I am not a libertarian in that seence, rather a conservative. A real conservative. Lets take care of our country and our borders. I like von Mises because he is for economic freedom. And against the concentration of power and the corruption which comes with collectivism. I think Sweden should return to the goldstandard. I am against us giving upp or national souvereignty. Open borders becomes a problem when globalists want to give people a new identity, for a New World Order.

    This is why Vaclav Claus and Ron Paul are against open borders even though they both are followers of von Mises.

  8. It must be hilarious and horrible to write such a good post, and then get comments as the ones above. My favorite was the one who snuck in his beef with abortions. what a retard. Anyway thanks for your effort, I hope you get the readers you deserve one day.

  9. @Jester

    Actually they kind of prove one of my main points - that people are idiots.

    Also, these are people trying to get their little word out i.e. sychologically interesting it is.

    Besides, if people don’t say what is on their minds and actually have somewhere to voice it, the problems I speak of in this post becomes that much severe. Media, politicians and school don’t let us think and say what we want, I do.

    Until Google or some government agency shut me down people can write whatever crap they want. That’s what freedom of speech is and that should be respected, even when morons say what's on their asylum brains.

  10. right - and who decides what is crap and what isn't?

  11. Intellect, rationality and science.


  13. Jesus christ apoc - your comment field practically proved you being right. It is a sad reality when the politrucks are so inbred that you can get into office by playing the "outsider" card without even stating what you believe in, or even worse - while stating something most people do not agree with.

    This, however, will only work once for anyone that tries it. After that - they are either absorbed into the politruck community or excommunicated once their real opinions are shown.

    I don't think there is a single person in Sweden who thinks that the "segregation politics" of the social democrats have been a success - I mean j.h.christ, look at what we are doing to these poor people and society as a whole. It's like the politicians are actually hoping for different groups of people starting to go for each others throats.

    What this country desperately needs is a break from "politics-as-usual". Without plugging my own favourite party, which won't make much of an imprint in 2010 - something is definitely brewing in the state of Sweden.

    Will you be around for the elections? Make a bit of a fuss with the rest of us loonies, perhaps?