Friday, April 9, 2010

Had a job interview today…

Some people shouldn’t interview others for jobs. They should let HR people or someone that actually know what they are doing handle it. Not like this…

You are fluent in Swedish?

Yes, I am, being Swedish and all…

So you speak and write Swedish on a native level?

Uh? Yes, I am Swedish and have worked for Swedish companies and with Swedish costumers.

So you would say your Swedish is proficient to handle costumers?


Have you worked with Swedish or Nordic Costumers before?

... Happily there are no ways of strangling someone over the phone…


  1. There certainly are worse ways of getting interviewed. Have a friend who once got ( in a face to face interview ):

    If we hire you based on these accomplishments it would be a complete insult to some of the other people seeking the position.

    ( Also a swedish company, and quite clearly (I hope) NOT a HR person doing the interview ;)

  2. Costumers? You're in clothing, I see.

  3. :) No, Marketing. B2B.