Monday, March 8, 2010

Why they hate us

Since the dawn of the blog those set to rule have kept a watchful eye on what is written, linked and uttered by free independent thinking individuals. In the beginning however the powers that be took only slight notice. People writing dairies online or throwing out ramblings was not seen as any kind of threat.

Besides, the blogosphere didn’t exist yet and alternative news was mainly for political fridge groups and nutty conspiracists.

It is hard to put a finger on it, to name a date or particular event, but somewhere along the line all the embryos started to show promise. The constantly changing and expanding information-flow that comes with internet did automatically and free from any distorting regulations or taxes grow into an ever developing alternative.

Quite suddenly the old media wasn’t always first or even second with news anymore.

And, even more important, alternative not censored views could be read about any story. Ordinary citizen also realized that old media had an inherent ability to copy and paste stories from each other. Often only translated or directly quoted without thought, the printed and cabled out news had passed through several steps which mean that conveniently hiding facts rarely saw the day of light.

This the blogosphere development cannot have gone by unnoticed by politicians, leaders and governments.

However, if this was bad for the privileged, the next step in this evolution would be much, much worse.

You see with the instantaneous free flow of information and the development of communities as well as the blogosphere came whistleblowers. And since pretty much anything can be found online any ordinary Joe could spend time in front of the computer and connect the dots in a way the old media didn’t do anymore.

And so it was only a matter of time before the power of this would claim its first victims.

There has been many more than the ones I’m about to mention but these cases are either new or got stuck in my mind.

The Case of Cory Maye
Cory Maye was a prisoner on death row in the U.S. state of Mississippi. He was convicted of murder in the death of Prentiss police officer Ron W. Jones, during a drug raid in 2001. Maye pleaded not guilty at his trial, citing self-defense as his justification.

His case attracted no attention until late 2005, when bloggers started drawing attention to it.

The police mistakenly raided his home in search of drugs. Maye was woken up in the middle of the night by what he thought was someone breaking into his house. Given that he lived in a bad neighborhood and he had his baby daughter to protect, Maye grabbed his gun and fired at the intruder in self-defense. To anyone reading about the case and checking what was said it would seem the guy is innocent.

Even set aside the immoral police, a present racism and an unjust law comes to drugs, most of the evidence seems to free Maye, but instead he got jailed and first sentenced to death. With the aid of bloggers from all over the political sphere it has been issued since dec 2009 that a new trial will take place…

The Smeargate affair
Blogger Guido Fawkes (Paul Staines) exposed in his blog that a series of scurrillous e-mails had been prepared by Damian McBride, a political adviser working at 10 Downing Street, gratuitously smearing a number of Conservative MPs which had been sent to Derek Draper for consideration for publication on the Red Rag blogsite.

This led to the resignation of McBride and expressions of regret to the MPs concerned from the Prime Mentalist, Gorgon Brownie.

This would have shaken the entire surroundings of the one-eyed Scottish Prime Mentalist, and I’m still convinced that if the Labour elite could get away with it Mr Staines would be found with his throat slashed and body gutted in some Whitechapel alley...

Climate Gate (plus many other ‘gates)
This revealed the biggest hoax of all time. Although the initial “stealing” of documents and emails was done by some whistleblower of a hacker and the scam have been exposed before and since you cannot ignore the impact this and other revelations have had on the climate debate. And most, if not all of it, can be contributed to bloggers.

If I had to pick one reason to why our elitist friends are set to destroy the free internet, this hast to be the number one reason. The plot was so well thought-out, the indoctrination had run for a decade, all media had gone onboard and big business loved the idea, and then comes some meddlesome hacker and a bunch of bloggers and almost destroys everything.

Now their worldwide taxation scheme is in jeopardy and the millions they’ve planned to murder through regulations have a chance of survival.

The Nick Hogan incident
By “allowing” one or two to smoke in his restaurant and then not paying the fines as a good little sheep this poor chap opened the door to the righteous hammer.

Locked up and set to spend months in jail and seemingly losing his business, bloggers decided to come to his rescue.

Over a couple of days enough money was collected to pay the fines and get the man out of government’s confinement. All the while the old media hardly reported about it.

As said, these are only a few of the incidents bloggers are responsible for. The Old Media is starting to catch up a bit, realizing that they have been lazy and that ordinary citizens with a computer sometimes have the news.

This doesn’t look well for the powers that be.

Let’s say they’ve buried in the 2,000 page "healthcare reform" bill a mandate to provide G-23 Paxilon Hydrochloride to every municipality... for free. Because they just know they can make... people... better. And then imagine that ordinary people actually read that bill, something politicians, journalists and pundits never do and then it get reported on in blogs, lifted up and then reach mainstream media.

This will not do. This cannot stand.

The powers need to show us what the chain of command is – the chain they'll beat us up with if we don’t follow orders.

Most of you reading this already know I’m right that these, and other events, are the real reason for our bellowed leaders to lock down, regulate, monitor and tax internet usage. Some don’t.

To those of you that haven’t figured this out yet, start reading; start roaming internet while you can. Get the information and see for yourself. There aren’t pedophile-rings lurking behind every ip-address, there are no terrorists using hotmail, insurrections doesn’t start with a Facebook-page.

They do want you think and believe this so they can impose the fascism they love so much. Don’t buy it. They are turning the most democratic and most freedom loving tool ever invented into a totalitarian nightmare, and we don’t stop them soon you can kiss all the last civil rights you still may think you have goodbye.

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