Monday, March 8, 2010

International none-male Day

Those without penis have their own day today. Of course this means that media is filled with tales from all over the world, statistics and sob-stories.

A politically correct funny:

One re-occurring topic is how ovary-equipped humans cast their vote. This is important for politicians because they get information essential to keep and expand their power. Just as the mammary glands are specialized to secrete milk following pregnancy, it is vital to know what decisions and laws that will secrete the necessary response from either gender.

Most of the research on this ballot-issue comes to the conclusion that communication with uterus and vagina outfitted folk’s needs a softer more emotional approach. So to no surprise it is often concluded that leftie policies resonate better.

Lefties know this, of course. To talk about how we can save people, help citizens while showing pictures or painting scenarios about how humans are suffering without this support, automatically leads to an emotional response that easily can be taken advantage of by any authority.

Emotions have very little (nothing) to do with economics or politics. The consequences might, but the actual action taken shouldn’t be based on anything other than rational and logical thinking hence the complete opposite of collectivist’s lack of brain-activity.

So am I saying that people with camel-toe capability are less smart? No, actually I would argue that the lack of a penis often leads to better and more informed decisions. You just need to take a look at how our weapons and projectiles are shaped to draw that conclusion.

However, to be stricken by a re-occurring menstrual cycles seem to have an impact on how easily fooled a certain being is. And it all goes back to emotions or rather what actually triggers emotional responses.

Since my own highly scientific research show that the attractiveness of the outer layers increases with every step towards the right side of politics, it also seem to indicate that eye-catching looks makes the none-penis person less inclined to listen to ineffectual emotional arguments. If so, maybe the increasing ugliness deteriorates effective countermeasures such as rational reasoning?

In any case I personally don’t care what gender any monarch has. What matters are the actual policies that govern us. If it is penis-people or those with fallopian tubes that ruins the economy and murder millions is secondary.

There is however one issue wherein I sort of agree with feminists – the issue of self-defense. Those without a penis are of weaker construct hence even the strongest with a black belt can be overpowered by a testosterone filled male. The real equalizer in this case, the thing that makes the tiniest and weakest of humans to be able to face any aggressor is, of course, outlawed. If our leaders really want an equal, fair and pro-clitoris society we should legalize fire-arms and self-defense.

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  1. Love "Two ways to shield yourself..."-photo above. It really goes well with the rest of the article.