Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where is the outrage!?

I cannot believe we’ve become such feeble creatures that we let banksters and politicians screw us over and over again. They are stealing your money right now, right in front of you, and you do nothing!

But even worse when the Justice Minister from hell clawed her way out of her coffin and go on the hunt for adolescent kids to compel with the threat off and, most likely, with the future usage of direct violence and FORCE (read again parents out there: FORCE!! ) these babyish cute things we call our children to leave drug tests, you do nothing.


And you do nothing.

Now the same Minister wants everyone SUSPECTED of a buying sex to be outed to all and everyone. This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, and pretty much everyone should know about it under the SUSPICION that you’ve done something wrong.

In effect this means that if you visit the wrong site, walk down the wrong street or know a prostitute suddenly everyone around you might get to know you as a pervert.

Of course our mentalist friends in high places will argue that this isn’t the case, but it is and actually it is even worse.

What stops a police officer or social worker that doesn’t like you from putting you on the suspect-list? How about an old girlfriend that doesn’t like you anymore? A neighbor might loath you and tell the police about your nightly activities and they need to investigate hence you become a suspect.

Think that this is bad enough or might not happen? Well, just imagine if they take this sort of thinking and implement it on other crimes. I mean why stop with suspected criminals comes to sex and prostitution? Why not suspects in cases of embezzlement, file-sharing, murder, tax aversion, driving too fast or crimes against the state?

And since the Prime Minister seemingly thinks this isn’t such a bad idea, partly agreeing with the Justice Minister, we can expect some sort of suggestion along these lines soon. And don’t think for a moment that the leftie opposition will be against it, no way, never, they will love it. Maybe they will thrash the current government’s suggestion, but only in order to put forward their own.

This is the end of the justice system as we know it.

I am not overexaggerating. This, if implemented, means you’ll be guilty before proven innocent. But it also means that once a suspect, always a suspect. Do you think that your neighbors, friends or relatives will ever look at you the same way once you’ve been outed?

The consequences of this are enormous!

Once those envelops, news adds or whatever the bitch-monster from hell wants to use to let everyone know starts pouring out and the suspect list grows so will your own suspicions. Even if you know most are innocent you’ll still be wary and get a slightly larger sense of fear. That’s how we people react, automatically.

No smoke without fire.

Was he really innocent? Sure he got free, they never locked him up, but he looks shifty doesn’t he? Maybe I better move or tell my daughter to come home earlier. Didn’t I see him buy a porno mag the other day? And that bluish light is on all night, probably sitting there watching kiddy porn...

That’s how hundreds of thousands of people will start to think. If you’re honest with yourself, you know you will too.

And when I see so many people answering in newspapers that they think this is a good suggestion, 30-40% seem to agree with the Justice Minister, I get afraid, very afraid. HOW MESSED UP ARE YOU PEOPLE!?!

You should be outside parliament demanding her resignation or you burn the place to the ground. You should be out shopping for guns to shoot any police or social working getting near your kids with needles and coups. You should be so outraged that you stop paying your taxes, stop obeying any laws and start sending explosive envelops of your own.

Instead you do nothing.

What does it take?

Your money they can take, your innocence isn’t a problem and even when they claim to have supreme power over your kids you hardly react. If nothing of this gets your blood pumping and that Viking anger to surface, nothing will.

This world is fucked, truly utterly fucked and this is the evidence.

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