Sunday, March 21, 2010

The deathblow for Democrats or the US?

Obama and his congressional allies succeeded in pushing through the most sweeping dark piece of social legislation since the 1965 Medicare bill, despite a crippling recession and an increasingly angry electorate. During the proceedings the by far bigger crowd of protesters was shouting outside, "Drop dead Pelosi" and "Save the Constitution."

We’re not really told in Europe that a big majority of the American people is against this bill. But worse still there’s a huge angry mob forming around the country and the unseemly madness during these hell-care dealings with the arm twisting, backroom deals, special privileges and potentially criminal "government jobs for votes" agreements will not help one bit.

Gallup shows congressional approval ratings in the teens and headed downward. Several states will start taking nullification measures and the already growing movements of succession will gain momentum. And I would be very surprised if there’s not a couple of shootings’ coming up as a direct result of this.

The coming elections in November as well as how deep the US sink into the economic depression they are already in will determine what impact this will have on the Democratic Party.

Me I am wondering how bad the civil unrest will be. I think this may very well be the last straw for many people. Maybe most feel that voting republican will change things, which is a strange thought since most republican politicians are in favor of hell-care, just not the Obama variant.

It is like something evil crashed to earth and slithered away to do badness to the country that once was the hope of humanity. I don’t think this bill will bury America; it is just the final nail before the coffin is lowered. Once in the ground the black hooded silhouettes standing around the grave having names like “commercial real-estate crash”, “Death to the dollar” and “Unprecedented debt mountain” will start shoveling dirt.

The question is whether or not the ghosts of the founding fathers will claw their way out…

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