Friday, March 5, 2010

The unspoken reason why USA is failing

I usually thrash the Obamination and his leftie followers like Gorgie W Chimp (and his father), the Cunt’ons, mainstream media, feminists, unions and other useless items that are mainly responsible for the rapid decline.

However, there’s another reason why the country of the serfs is rapidly turning into a scrapheap. This reason is generally contributed to the rightwing of politics. What I am talking about is ‘religion’, and more specifically deeply believing Christians.

Before you read further on you should know I detest all religions. There are thousands of them, each one less believable then the other. And wackiest of them all is scientology - those people should be institutionalized. I also prefer Christianity before Jewish or Islam, but that’s a cultural thing, not a graded scale. I’m sure I would think otherwise if I had grown up in a Jewish or Muslim community.

With this said there are lots of complete morons in the US that not only believe in the Bible and Jesus, but do it literarily and use it both as a guiding star and as an argument in public debates.

Christianity is built upon several well documented lies and, as is the case with all religions, it is based on earlier stories and religions that came before.

The Old Testament for instance is to a large degree stolen from older Sumerian tales. This we know since we have tablets and archeological findings to support it. Some of the biblical stories, like the one about Moses for instance, we don’t have any evidence or historical records of other then from the bible, but as said most of the bible is stolen from other religions and cultures.

And the bible was put together through voting at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD). Some religious leaders got together and voted on what stories that should be included. Many important and even more popular tales was left out because they were too much pro-woman, too much anti-government or contradicted the power of the church.

The entire scripture is filled with complete nonsense no thinking adult can believe in. Worse is that there are a lot of contradictions and passages that if applied would be both anti-democratic and anti-human.

Religious nuts quote certain text that fits their agenda, while other text are ignored or at least not put forward because that would hurt their cause. And so it becomes wrong for two men to have sex, but the text next to it about stoning women doesn’t sound too good so that is not said in the open.

This religiosity also impacts society. Abortion becomes a horrific sin and outlawed, stem-cell research is stopped, gay couples cannot marry, and not going to church in some communities is regarded as the same as committing a crime. Worse still is that it have an impact on what leaders are chosen, why certain wars are a good thing and since according to the bible those in power sits there for a reason, it becomes harder to criticize.

And as we all know, religion makes it easier to hate others, makes it easier to see differences or not care about those with another faith. This in turn feeds racism, antagonism and other forms of collectivism.

And creationism? I mean, please. How can so many idiots in the US buy that shit? Unbelievable.

I know hardly any religious person would agree with me, but to me this is facts and if they are so do they contribute to the decline of America.

I’m not saying we should outlaw religion or that people should stop believing, no, that’s peoples right no matter how stupid it may be. What I am saying however is that religion should be completely left out of politics and how societies are formed. When a religion gets hold of the people it’s almost as bad as socialism.

“Religion is a opiate for the people” - probably the only true thing Karl Marx ever said.

The problem with America is that when progressives take power they increase taxation and reduce individual rights comes to property, liberty and interactions between humans. The state take over more of the economy and the thing that made USA great deteriorates. But when religious people take power or have influence they in turn restrict personal liberties and even if they are not as bad as socialists in infringing on life in general, they too do the same, but in another way, on other areas.

This is also why I sometimes can feel closer to democrats then conservatives. I need to admit, I rather have the state steal a percentage more of my money than have the state telling me who I can get married with.

And since laws, restrictions and taxes are very easy to impose, but very hard, close to impossible, to get rid of, every step leads towards madness no matter who’s in charge.

Conservatives in general, but religious ones in particular, decrease civil liberties on a personal level. Democrats reduce liberties comes to the economy. Put the two together, which becomes a fact over time, and you get pure totalitarianism.

US of A is going to hell, not literarily of course (there is no such place), and religion is a big part of that.


  1. More specifically they seem to be "going to China" when speaking about economy anyway.. China has more dollars than most nations, and would easily be able to buy much american stuff ( as well as land ) if they want to.

  2. well, kind of. China owns about 1.5+ trillion dollars, in debt. And the keyword here is "debt". It is not as the chinese can go out buying stuff with that dollar pile, it don't work like that.

    Different government buy debt from each other, based on each currency, they don’t, however, really have that money, and they certainly cannot use it, at least not all at once. If the Chinese were to dump every dollar in a short period of time that would collapse the entire financial system, globally. They can’t do that.

    If they were to go on a shopping spree that wouldn’t, initially, be so bad, but the end result would be the same.

  3. Världens styrs av ett gäng dårar "Jesuiter" som följer Bibeln ordagrant.
    Vad som följer nu är att fler stater i Europa kommer krisa och efter ett "fantastiskt aktion" kommer EU tillsammans med Vatikanen att rädda EU:s befolkning och göra EU till den starkaste i världen.(Rom återuppstår)
    Dess ledare kommer dyrkas som en gud(antikrist).