Friday, March 5, 2010

Should incest really be illegal?

A pair of siblings in south east Sweden have been charged with incest and risk facing up to a year each in prison if found guilty. The loving couple, both in their twenties and so adults, live very close to each other but in separate apartments.

Neither party is believed to have been subjected to coercion or violence, but as sex between siblings is illegal both could face time in jail.

My question is why?

Both adults, it was consensual so what’s the problem?

Just because someone happens to put his seamen into the rear, ventral entrance hatch on a sibling, is that a crime?

We do know from research that the risk of inbreeding is great so any offspring may suffer greatly and historically speaking it has been outlawed for the most part for this very reason. Oh, and it is kind of sickening.

However, if a condom was used or any other number of birth-control was in place, is then as horrid? Well, it is still grouse, but is it a crime?

Remember, we’re not talking about a dirty old grandpa with his grabby sweaty palms all over his 12y old granddaughter here. We’re not talking about a parent taking advantage of his/her adolescent kid.

This was two consenting adults.

I do have a hard time seeing the crime, how about you?


  1. I agree that if it results in making babies ( well documented high probability for diseases ) or sex with a non-adult ( below legal age of consent ) it should be illegal.

    If not you could call it gross or beautiful or whatever you feel like, but then at least I wouldn't be able to find a victim of some crime.

    Just as having laws against any kind of "immoral abomination" without anyone really being a victim - Stupid as I see it. I would like a change in law to just prohibit close relatives to get biological offspring with each other - and having sex with under aged.

    Might be seen as quite extreme secular and liberal perspective perhaps, I'm aware of that...

    But at least it's far less disgusting than societies that make police officials ( or civilians ) take violence to sexual "crimes" that have no victims. Just because it is some God's will or plain "immoral".

  2. I fail to see any rational reason why non-procreational (with that particular qualification) sex between siblings should be illegal. The current law has probably its origin in the formerly theocratic Swedish society and no politician has seriously ventured to challenge this part of the legislation since then.