Friday, March 26, 2010

Talking smurf with a smurf about smurf

Sweden’s Justice Minister continues to amaze. She has still not a clue what the problem with her statement was. She has sort of retracted it (6 days after, and after she repeated the same stupidity) stating “it was a mistake” and the funny follow-up “it is election year, I should know better”.

Yeah… that’s how she feels about it.

The totalitarian views she expressed are secondary, well hardly worthy of mentioning really. Innocent people getting outed as guilty and getting a medieval treatment? Pfffff… that doesn’t matter. The blogosphere and the political opposition is upset because it is election year and her tiny little miniscule slip of the tongue has been blown waaaay out of proportion.

Today she said:
"- Jag har lärt mig väldigt mycket om att vara försiktig med att ge exempel. Det är lite sorgligt för jag tror att vi behöver politiker som deltar i en diskussion. Men man får göra det en annan gång än under ett valår."

”I’ve learned quite a deal about being careful about giving examples. It is a bit sad because I think we need politicians that participate in the debate. But that can be done another time when it is not election year.”

You see? She’s not sorry; she’s not against what she said before. She still thinks that innocent people can be thrown out to the public as perverts with the aid of government. All she thinks is that it was a shame she said it with cameras there and during an election year.

Apparently media is on her side in this.

I remember I once heard that journalism was supposed to be about protecting the little guy, to watch and monitor the powers that be and to fight for civil liberties and our democratic freedoms.

I wonder if that has ever been true.

This is the biggest scandal we’ve seen in years and probably the worst statement ever uttered by a minister in modern time.

When I was involved in politics as a youth (coincidently the same party as our fascist Justice Minister) I did hear one or two communists openly admit they would kill me if given the chance. I’ve also heard racist idiots saying stupid things about immigrants or Muslims. I do guess most of you have similar experiences, but we’re not talking drunken spats, or insults flung from one teenager to the other in the heat of debate. This is a minister during a seminar she had prepared for, our Justice Minister!!

Every paper in the country should have her face on the FrontPage for every day until she resigns. TV, radio and cable networks should be hunting her down, looking into her background, digging up every piece of dirt there is. There should be massive demonstrations, egg throwing and people leaving her party in hordes if she doesn’t resign.

The opposition is kind of quiet, and I get them, why would they want their open target to leave office? They get 1-2% extra voting for them if she stays.

I also got quoted in one of Sweden’s largest newspapers today. The journalist took this statement:

“I’ve never been in a rally my entire life, but if there are some people out there wanting to fill the streets and burn torches outside parliament until this horrific woman is thrown out, I’m there.”

And argued that me, and some other bloggers are examples of what the reporter calls “The blog-hate”.

Well, if the journalist had checked around a bit I’ve also said people should find a grassy knoll, I’ve demanded the justice ministers head on a plate and that people should burn down parliament. Whether or not such statements on this blog are in earnest or not, I leave up to you as reader to figure out.

However, it may shock this journalist, and some of my readers, that I actually like the totalitarian lady in question. You may not think so, but I do. She is one of the few ministers I can stand; she is a lovable person and a very good speaker. She has that honesty thing going and she has a wonderful smile. I’ve also met her on several occasions and had nothing but praise before she got her current assignment.

I’m still wondering what happened to her. Did she get that arrogance bug and a slight case of corruption? Did the post as minister go to her head? Have she started eating funny looking mushrooms?

I thought the torture-of-kids policy was the bottle of the barrel. How can any minister sink lower than wanting to strap down and forcibly put needles into children? But she could.

You see in contrast to media, this journalist that apparently don’t like my style of writing, most pundits and the Minister herself, I don’t let my personal feelings or any political color get in the way.

If a minister, no matter whom it is or what party she/he belongs to, says that a suspect for a crime should be outed to their friends, family and neighborhood, I will demand a resignation. If the same person takes 6 days to come to the conclusion that it maybe wasn’t the greatest thing to say and blame that it is an election year, the demand for resignation remains. She is not sorry she said it, that is obvious, she’s only sorry for the publicity.

And when you combine such a person with the policies of hunting down an entire generation, locking up people for victimless crimes and to top it all off the torture of kids thingy, how can you not be outraged?

To me it is an utter surprise that there are not parents on the street burning effigies of our ministers.

And that publicity would hardly have been if it wasn’t for bloggers like me. The old media does nothing!

Probably why the journalist don’t like me, and is also why the Justice Minister most likely will demand some sort of anti-blogging policy very soon.

If we do not demand a Justice Minister to resign over obvious totalitarian views and for wanting to torture our children, when do we do it? Is mass murder our limit?

Beatrice Ask must resign and anyone that do not think so is either bought and paid for or have no clue what a fair and modern justice system is all about.


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